Managing the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia: Lessons Learned

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The Clinical Nurse Resource Committee
In Collaboration with the College of Nursing & The School of Public Health present Nursing Grand Rounds
Managing the Ebola Outreach in Liberia: Lessons Learned
Guest Speaker: Iona Thomas-Connor, RN, MA, CNE, SDA
Professor & Health Liaison Officer
College of Health Sciences
William VS Tubman University(TU)
Republic of Liberia, West Africa

Coordinator: Judith H. LaRosa, PhD, RN
Vice Dean and Distinguished Service Professor
School of Public Health, SUNY DMC

Goal: To enhance understanding and containment of a potentially lethal viral epidemic both locally, nationally, and internationally.

1. To understand the source and key factors in the spread of the disease
2. To understand how the disease can/should be contained
3. To understand appropriate identification and treatment of the disease in humans


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