Man Back From West Africa With Ebola Symptoms Being Tested For Ebola Virus In New York

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Man Back From West Africa With Ebola Symptoms Being Tested For Ebola Virus In New York MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL PATIENT TESTED FOR EBOLA VIRUS Ebola In U.S. Ebola Scare Ebola Virus At …


Randolph Couch says:

Shared it in my 2 pages, my time line and in one group…..keep them coming
I am watching your Vidoes..this is scary sh#t and I am with you on this…

Rick Pouncey says:

There is no telling how many door knobs and other things that he touched
before going to the hospital. Ebola is spread through bodily fluids.
Imagine this, man is on plane not felling well but thinking maybe he just
got a cough, he coughs and covers his mouth with hands and touches the arm
rest between him and the person beside him. person beside him touches the
armrest, and wipes their face. I’m sure that he had bags that had to put on
plane, now you got the bag boy touching a suitcase handled after a cough.
He walks into the bathroom and pisses on the seat and doesn’t bother to
clean it up, some body comes in behind him and sits on the sit unknowingly
and gets infect from a sweaty ass. lol (it coould happen). All this before
he arrives in NYC and I;m sure that he touched a pen or something filling
out paperwork at the hospital. Think about this, HOW MANY TIMES IN A DAY DO

Dan McGrath says:

They probably had the results in 10 minutes. Where was he from and probably
just fukashima sickness? 

markia edmonds says:

My friend just came back from Nigeria on Monday..I myself share the same
concerns. flights in and out of west Africa are still going in full
effect..he and his family went on vacation for one month..he is a taxi
driver here in NEWYORK.I asked was he near anyone with the EBOLA. I pray
its not AIRBORN I’m aware it takes 3 weeks for systoms to show..not that
I’m looking for. signs..It’s baffling that the US commercial planes are
still traveling in and out of HOT spots areas!.!.

Vinny DulA says:

We all dead

Praise_The_Helix_Fossil says:

wtf africa…….. you RUINED THE
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randolph Couch says:

Great report and up date..thank you..keep up the good work..

Saori Keller says:

Well now, who didn’t see this then? They are not going to close anything
or curtail travel as so to prevent panic. 

oo0 JACKAL 0oo says:

go buy a XBOX or Playststion, you need a hobby besides fer mongering

Kevin Town says:


Rick Pouncey says:

Think about this, If he brought his self to to the hospital, Then I’m sure
that he was sick on the plane and had contact with people after the plane
landed. The perfect way to spread this would be to tell anyone that comes
in that they are ok, and then let them spread it around. If it is done this
way then the goberment can say that they had nothing to do with it. Just

Archil Natsvlishvili says:

He is an American dumb ass
Of course he is going to be treated here in America. 

RoaringBranch says:

Africa is an entire continent. Ebola has been detected in (3) THREE
countries in Africa. 3. To call for a ban of all air traffic coming in
from Africa is reactionary and irresponsible. This situation does provide
cause for concern, but irrationality does not serve anyone’s best interest.

zack coolman says:

They might found a vaccine for Ebola virus look up zmapp

MJ2012ish says:

so what how many us americans are in west africa?:/

michael nguyen says:

Alot of idiots i dont wanna die

John Doe says:

don’t buy into the fear, simply be aware, fear feeds the enemy

MK L says:

Thank You for Sharing the Information.

hepiembe says:

My fear is the vague information I found both in CDC and WHO websites. They
said that transmission is only through bodily fluid. WHO includes saliva
and tears and sweat. They also mentioned that mean of transmission include
object that has been contaminated with patient’s bodily fluid. So the
question that I and some other fellows here in Philly at work is that: if a
person with Ebola started to develop symptoms, thought it was a common flu
he has and starting to sweat etc and touched the door knob in a
supermarket. Then I touched the door knob and rub my eyes. Can I get
contaminated? If that is the case, this is far more dangerous than HIV, in
which transmission is usually from the infected person’s sexual fluid
mostly and blood through open cut / wound and / or mucous membrane. 

Rick Pouncey says:

BTW, expect to hear that he tested negative! We are in deep shit my

Sandy Sconce says:

Here is Ebola infection now in America. I would not go to any hospital or
doctor office unless it’s life or death.

zorbatheok says:

Also remember isolation beds are very few in number even at the best
hospitals. Once people start dropping on the street in major urban centers
its going to wreak an unimaginable toll. 

Charles Walton says:
Sandy Sconce says:

Bible says, in revelation one third of population will die with a plague,
are you ready?

zorbatheok says:

Remember Gatwick death tested negative. Did it mutate into a false negative

Sandy Sconce says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

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