Malian refugees: Water is life

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Water plays a fundamental role beyond just that of consumption: it prevents the spread of disease, contributes to good health via hygiene, ensures livelihoods, and in addition it is a factor in maintaining societal cohesion. Thanks to this basic resource, the inhabitants of the M’berra refugee camp in Mauritania are able to cultivate vegetable gardens in the middle of the desert and live in a community which is, despite the adverse situation, free of water-borne diseases.

Over 50 000 Malian refugees live at the M’berra camp since 2012. Most of them were forced to abandon their possessions and their livelihoods to follow what is for them a sedentary and unfamiliar lifestyle. Thanks to the work that Action against Hunger is carrying out with the support of the European Commission, these people have begun to acquire healthy habits that allow them to live with dignity while they are far from their homes.

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