Mali Ebola Deaths Follow U.S. Vaccines – Robert Scott Bell Interview

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The Ebola outbreak is once again, branching off into a new direction. Both here in the U.S., and overseas. In West Africa, another country is on high alert. Mali’s government ordered a massive quarantine, forcing more than 600 people to leave their family and friends. While here in the US, we’re learning the second patient to die from Ebola could have actually have been misdiagnosed. One man we’ve talked to throughout this whole story saw this coming months ago. He told us about the Ebola tests and the likelihood of false positives. Today, we welcome Robert Scott Bell back to the broadcast, to catch up to speed on the Ebola story.

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countessarcadius Ty says:

ask yourself if "BOTH' the Ebola vaccines candidates were available for testing since 2011, WHY did they wait to even ' ADMIT THEY EXISTED?" why WOULD THEY LET IT SPREAD THROUGHOUT AFRICA ( and other countries) BEFORE EVEN ADMITTING THEY EXISTED?
I can show you " documented" proof, that BOTH of the Ebola vaccine candidates, have been available since 2011, I found in the BIOTERRORISM AND BIODEFENSE JOURNAL – the vesicular stomatitis –

ask yourself " why' every single organization , government, CDC, medical community SAID THERE WAS NOTHING?

also consider that the RABIES /EBOLA – can " for the first time in history" supposedly able to give it to somebody who was exposed, or HAS EBOLA! yet, ' THEY DENIED IT'S EXISTENCE, AND LET MANY MANY MANY ' die'  WHEN IN FACT, they could have STARTED HUMAN CLINICAL TRIALS ' sooner'

I HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOF of what I say here, I WANT you to see this comment as YOUTUBE is doing a great job at censoring the information
( I will show you if you want to see it)

Just Cee says:

You should try and tell the President this …he said he's open to talking we gotta work it out

[TF2 DFS]_Mr.Tyillius says:

 Obama Dosen't Want to Close the Airports That's Why the guy From Afica Bring Ebola here to the U.S.A first was Texas ._.

Save Humanity says:

Whats coming our way (North America) is a flu that will run rampid. New strains of BIRD FLU are sweeping nations throughout the East, Europe and these strains will mutate I can almost guarantee it. Cross species virus is the big one and the means to quarantine it are next to impossible once spread far and wide. When we look at how they tried to spread ebola by taking infected people around the world and not monitoring health care professionals coming back from missionary work allowing them to go bowling etc is clear as day they were not taking measures to stop the spread of the virus. Avian flu will make Ebola look like a common cold. I don't mean to instil fear, I'm going off my gut based on world news events and headlines. It's coming. There are new strains of Avian flu, Swine flu, Rabies. Cattles, Deer, "CROSS SPECIES viruses, They have been called biological grenades. Ebloa

Elizabeth Lambert says:

Brazil nuts are high in selenium, even if they are grown in soil that is not rich in the element. A single nut provides enough selenium to meet the daily requirement for a human adult.

Elizabeth Lambert says:

why would the people be selenium deficient?

Elizabeth Lambert says:

So the poor health workers are wearing suits that can cause them health problems independent from Ebola – !

Barry Pittendrigh says:

Please see the SAWBO video on Ebola at

MK L says:

Nov 22nd 2014 11:35AM.. A Swiss hospital says a Cuban doctor who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone is in a stable condition after nearly two days of treatment. Baez, a member of a medical team Cuba sent to Sierra Leone, caught the disease when he rushed to help a patient who was falling over..

Waitakubuli777 says:


Shattisbaddis says:

dude he died because he was black… simple….

Denis Kalita says:

"Смерти в государстве Мали от Эболы наступили сразу после их вакцинации произведёной американцами"

Jim M says:

Where is the money gonna go?  What we should be saying and screaming is "where is the money going to come from?!?!?!!! WTF?"!

See Canon says:

Like this guy for speaking the truth.

Bertharina Rina says:


The option to Christianity was originally established when the Sanhedrin, supreme court in Jerusalem, opposed the teachings of Christ. The orient consist of lands east and south east of the Mediterranean sea.
          Remember,  presidents lay their left hands on the old testament. Here lies the trickery of leaving Christ out the picture. The new testament was not included, and this left Christ out. The majority of Christians in America don't comprehend that Christ is working with his people in all areas of holy intervention, while under the direction of his father, the creator. Actually, the swearing in is before a God and leaving Christ out. Satan's agents pull the wool over innocent people's eyes.
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          Actually, fundamentalism is a basic orientation of the eastern way of life. America has been flooded since 1812 with most emigres from eastern Europe. Communism took root in the eastern end of New York City. This gang was funded by Rocker feller and Rothschild. 
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Twisted and simple-minded souls are suckered into following the new version of the bible without comprehending that Christ dealt with his kinship all through the old testament, 
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Remnant Soldier says:

Saturday, November 10th, 2012 @ 23:45

My dearly beloved daughter, how the Truth can shock you. Although you accept My Holy Word, it is only when the prophecies I reveal to you materialise, that you understand the seriousness of this Mission to save humanity.
The introduction of a global vaccine, targeting infants and young children, will be one of the most wicked forms of genocide ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler.
This evil plan will be possible because many of your governments forced their people to accept changes in their laws giving their governments power to enforce laws against your innocent children.
Remember that the only thing that has stopped My Father from bringing the world to an end is because of the love of those loyal servants amongst you.
My Father has, because of His Love for every child and every Creation of His, held His Hand. Now the time has come for Him to finally dissolve the times, so that the world He created out of Love and according to His Divine Will can continue in peace.
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Your Jesus

RibbitHopX says:

I find so much humor in how you word things to insinuate that Mali's Ebola deaths have any relation to the 80 (not just three of any occupation) phase 1 healthy GSK vaccine safety trial volunteers. They have had no ill effects and don't have Ebola.
This current outbreak in Mali was due to an imam contracting Ebola, his nurse and his friend. Contact tracing found nearly 600 people he had been in contact with and these are mostly people in his village. Dr. Salia was in kidney failure and in a degree of coma when he arrived in Omaha. No ZMapp, no blood product antibodies, no anything would be able to help him at that point. He didn't work with Ebola patients in an Ebola Clinic, he was a general surgeon who had a patient who was unknowingly infected. Nobody wears rubberized suits…they're polyethylene. 
Ebola or something that they call Ebola? lol When it's not Ebola, it's usually malaria, Lassa or Marburg. It's quite simple to differentiate with testing. You just take your silver and nutritional supported self on over there and take care of an ailing Ebola victim, and see what that can do for you against Ebola.  

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