Mainstream Media Covers Up Possible Life Saving Ebola Treatment

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Alex Jones breaks down the latest ebola news and then welcomes David Knight to the studio to discuss an article he wrote which came under fire from the dinos…


Nick Carefoot says:

The amount of gubment trolls since this ebola crisis on your page Alex is
through the roof. One tried to say Infowars viewers are less intelligent,
and with that I have to say you have the most intelligent on the mark show
on the net Alex. God speed.

Geoff Heisenberg says:

Alex, I paraphrase, though this, I would suggest, is a pretty damn accurate
reproduction, of yet another example of what you excel in, the dirty
double; some baloney sandwich of a story, followed by a gracelessly
inserted, self enriching News/Ad. You : ” I have researched the
treatments. They are all medical treatments. With success rates of between
90 and 10 per cent.”

With such stats and in depth study of the subject, at his fingertips, he
then goes on to expound on his own brand of Colloidal Silver, “It’s no
silver bullet, though we call it, Silver Bullet.”

This is only 2:30 in. Alex, you selfpwn like a GOP Family Rights
Campaigner who can’t remember which rent boy stole his Meth.

seeingatruth says:

Thank God for Alex Jones is all I have to say. He’s the only one telling
the truth.

Ebola Boy says:

Why did my pet rabbit die on my BG video, why did Israel do ths to me ?

MrFunguy65 says:

Shut up and stop spreading your conspiracy theories……

awildroseinwi says:

there is no ebola……there is only the vaccine….just like swine
flu…all propaganda to get people to get a shot….they show
pictures…..shout it all day and night….my god!….they are wearing t
shirts saying
ebola is real…..because no one believes it…..the villages in Africa are
chasing the vaccine pusher out of their villages…they refuse to be
these people who have or died from ebola in the u.s. is BULL….please do
not forget sandy hook….boston bombing….9/11……they think we will
forget they are all liars!
you are right though about getting healthy and being self sufficient 

OWild1Child says:

cannabinoids regenerate and strengthen the epithelium of the GI and the
vascular tissue! A person that survives Ebola continues to make antibodies
for 4 MONTHS after infection. Easily over 200 plasma units (not
transfusions– that would be costly and time consuming) Plasma is easy to
administer as an injection, etc.) could be made from ONE person. 

Kader Mapel says:

We all know tech is 20+ years more advanced than they say and there’s a
cure for cancer but why would they let every day people get that treatment
it would cut off alot of $ from chemo and other treatment BTW Ebola is
probably the next major plague remember the e’er coffins in Georgia on
Jesses show

Michael York says:

They have to something with all those tens of billions of dollars
they get every year. Manufactured Death, your tax dollars at work!!

Stan Smith says:

You should open 2 info wars store. One in LA and one in NY, at these stores
you would sell all products, literature, videos, ammo, stored food, all
prep stuff. And yes sell bullets, get the licenses to sell ammo then guns 


*Infowars has many wonderful products that will help stop Ebo Lie, or E

hjr192 says:

Alex, I love your show and what you do but am perplexed why your not
screaming from the roof tops about vitamin C.
Linus Pauling, only solo two time Nobel laureate, proved that vitamin C in
mega doses will CURE people of all known viruses, in days!
Get intravenous vitamin C and it cures Ebola!
You got Polio? They cured 60 out of 60 patients during the big outbreak
back in the day and couldn’t get anyone to listen.
Vitamin C also will destroy any toxin in blood like venom from snakes and
spiders like the brown recluse. One patient arrived in the emergency room
from a brown recluse bite declaring he going to die and as fast ads they
pushed the vitamin C into his veins is how fast he recovered!

William Lingle says:

Good job Alex …. you know how I see when you’re close to truth …. the
govt. trolls just lose they friggin minds on your board, just like tonight

Phil Richey says:

silver water[colloidal silver] kills ebola,and other “germs”.see steve
barwick in face book for “tons” of info.,lab reports,etc.. a child can make
silver water with 2, 6in., 10 or 12ga. PURE SILVER wires, on the posts of
1 9v battery,put the wires in a glass of distilled water by setting the
battery on a popsickle stick across the top of the glass [ for 1 hour ], to
make a very powerful, natural, antibiotic! see people making it at home,in
different ways,in you tube videos.

Hill Bros. says:

wish I had money to buy your awesome products alex, but I don’t.

Reality says:

oh great, another dramatic act by Ebola Jones.

Daniel Mount says:

White people came from Adam and Eve but the Black people came from the

OWild1Child says:

Naturopathic Physicians DO prevent disease and are very educated in healing
the body with natural medicine. 

ihatesuburbia83 says:

there are 2 schizoids in here

newbone kanobe says:

I think this Ebola crap is fake not any worse than the flue..they just want
yo make billions of Dollars..its all about the money it always is.look how
much the flu kills a year. Car wrecks etc..scare the people..its BS.

shamanspellz1 says:

Ebola is God’s way of saying you neglected my nature and my people and all
this Saturn stuff, Saturn in a box cause the outside ain’t having it cave
people! Go grow pot with guano, and make it easy like tobacco!!!
Ain’t=artificial intelligence

Smokaniggaout92 says:

without knowing already it did sound pretty racist lmao

Zareth Shahara says:

The whole ebola faux show is getting re-goddam-dick-ulous!

Now the media is ‘acting like’ they’re covering up some ebola ‘cure’ (of
course, I mean ‘treatment’ because the AMA, INC. owns the patent on the
word ‘cure’) so that the sheep don’t realize all the other in-congruent
elements in the entire equation.

Like the fact that the entire episodic ebola soap opera is ABSOLUTELY

Wake up People.

hjr192 says:

Ebola patients hemorrhage (bleed) everywhere because the virus immediately
uses up the vitamin C which is needed to keep the blood vessels strong.
The vessels get week and start to bust under the pressure causing them to
They are suffering from SCURVY and the vitamin C is what needs to be

Mark Quinn says:

Who would pay for this life saving Ebola treatment in Africa to help save

Stupid question. American taxpayers, of course.

spwkarlsson says:

Did he say Khaffir/Khuffar Killing Germs?…
That’s a Mohammedan term right?…

seeingatruth says:

Don’t see a medical doctor. See a Naturopathic doctor. Be sure to see one
that is experienced and has a degree in herboology.


thats why nigeria quarantined victims for 42 days. 

Fred Uva says:

alex jones is a little fat terrorist with down syndrome.

betopelotaz1 says:

Nano silver @ 10ppm is the cure, stock up n spread the word oh n save ur

mark smith says:

Alex Jones is one of the elite. Don’t you people get it?

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