Maine Nurse Says She Won’t Abide By State’s Ebola Quarantine

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A Maine nurse was told her voluntary quarantine for Ebola monitoring may not be so voluntary after all, after state authorities said they would use “appropriate authority” to keep her away from the public.
Now, Kaci Hickox, who was held in isolation for days in New Jersey after returning to the U.S. from west Africa, said on Wednesday that she had no plans to self-quarantine for the state’s recommended 21-day period.
Maine, however, does not seem ready to budge on the quarantine issue. The state has said it will seek legal authority to enforce the quarantine in a statement released Wednesday morning.


cheyenne Flexrecords says:

I would think that after seeing such death and devastation in Africa Ms. Hickox you would think twice of bringing it back to America to love ones and your community…. Your community is afraid and angry because you will not protect them with the 21 day quarantine…. And they are reasonably afraid of dying……Your decision to go to Africa to save lives was noble….That is all your community is asking for… "To all I wish the best".

jake2000 says:

She needs to be charged with disorderly conduct and public endangerment!

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