Liberian President: There are dead bodies all over

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Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf discusses the additional measures Liberia is taking to fight the Ebola outbreak.


alz123alz says:

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Ministry of Health,  in conjunction with the ambulance that pick up dead bodies, can you have another truck deliver large supplies of Clorox bleach  and chlorine solution to the same house or neighborhood to people and children that have been exposed to the Ebola virus from that DEAD PERSON. . 

On the YouTube videos , I see people and children  just standing around watching the body being carried away. These are high risk people that should not wait to develop a fever to be treated.   They should wash hands, feet,  arms legs, three or five times  daily with chlorine to help prevent an Ebola infection  and put on antibiotics, vitamins, and other important supplements.

Maria Catalan says:

Ebola and HINI (SWINE FLU)are related because they both came from a type of meat.
Ebola:monkey and bats

But ebola is more deadly

straight-talk guy says:

Jimmieboy, you are laughing at a country that suffer through 14 yrs. Of a terrible civil war, cause by Europeans greedy for diamonds. Remember Sierra Leone/Liberia blood diamond wars? Anyway, who cares what racist pigs think. U can't reason with them. They are frustrated, angry, envious and greedy. There are millions of good, godly, white people who love black Africans and thousands have given their lives for black Africa. Hateful remarks of of a few white will not turn Africa against the mill. Of goog whites. Its the hatters intention.

straight-talk guy says:

there's canabalism in USA, s. America, Germany, japan, england, France, Syria(u-tube:canabalism I Syria), India, etc, etc… there will always be some superstitious persons who believe in witchcraft and the supernatural who will do these horrible things. It don't matter whether they live in Asia, Europe, n. America, s. America , Australia, Africa, etc…..

alz123alz says:

 Ten per cent solution of CLOROX bleach KILLS  the Ebola Virus.wash   Hands, Face, Arms,Legs, In your body T-Cells releases hydrogen peroxide to kill viruses and pathogens.  Health workers should apply a 3 per cent solution of hydrogen peroxide on their skin to build up their immune system for working around Ebola patients.

Marquise Johnson says:

It's unclean! Just like pork, shrimp, crab and lobster! Leviticus 10 and it could have been man made by the synagogue of Satan. Rev 2:9

Marquise Johnson says:

I bet you monkey meat sales took a plummet

Jerome Patton says:

Still trying to figure out why they thought it was a hoax in the first place as if eating monkey meat is not disgusting enough. Talk about a culture shock. 

Cali Fornia says:

Fifth world country–people shit on the beach.

matt suniyani says:

Korn- Dead Bodies Everywhere. Sorry I couldn't resist.

Patti Ormes says:

Good luck, Liberia!  We sure can't seem to close our borders here to keep out illegal aliens infected with all sorts of things!

tatum635 says:

ebola is worse than hiv.

Betheel_200 says:

Something tells me there is a cure, but scientist are trying to keep it a secret.

William Cowan says:

If I ever found out that I had Ebola. I'd probably kill myself

dimes worth says:

The US government is flying 2 infected people back to the US , THERE IS NO CURE , WTF? keep them over there, They know this could happen before they went over there, so stay over there and die, do not come over here and die and take others with you , jerks 

JimmieRussel says:

Also how does Liberia even have a president lmao? I find it so insane that a country that shits out on the streets and the beaches, that has guys like General Buttnaked eating children alive to make themselves immune to bullets has a freaking government.

JimmieRussel says:

The Jews did this.

tuco james says:

wat happens wen ni99ers govern themselves 😀 

IWashMyOwnBrain says:

The general population has no idea about science and health it's all witch doctors. They will just go rape young girls to cure themselves like they do for aids.

steven gimba says:

God help Africa

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