Liberia warns Ebola aid ‘too slow’

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Liberia’s president says aid to fight the Ebola epidemic is arriving too slowly as calls grow for greater international efforts to fight it. Paul Chapman reports

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Princess Thomas says:

Will this be the common enemy that will unite the Nations?…no1 was asking for expedited help wen this all started almos a yr ago..smh..almos 4000 dead and airborne with different strains…now we wanna take speedy action?..smh..

cityking9ne says:

Where are the bulldozers and backhoes? Don't want them to have that huh? They might really start to build something then…….

solutionnotpuzzle says:

i'm sorry but why are they burying the bodies when they should be incinerated? 

Neville says:

Get your own aid, build your own research labs etc.

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