Liberia teacher training: Instilling life skills to fight Ebola (Learning World: S5E15, part 1/3)

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More than 3000 people have died of the Ebola virus in Liberia. Children are the first casualties in this epidemic. Thousands are not only orphans now because of the disease, but they also do not have access to education anymore.

Learning World visits a school in the capital Monrovia, which used to have more than 10000 children from kindergarten to high school and has been closed since the latest Ebola outbreak. Teachers have not taught a class for nearly six months.

UNICEF has initiated a new programme for about 5000 teachers in order to get across prevention measures for Ebola to parents. The trained teachers go door to door, making sure parents understand their efforts in making education available again.

The headmaster and teachers are discussing an eventual reopening and the implementation of possible security measures. However, it remains uncertain when the school will reopen.

Should life skills be taught to help us deal with the physical and emotional challenges that life throws at us? In Kenya, an iniative has identified five pillars of lasting and sustainable education needed to lift marginalized indigenous communities out of poverty- find out more:
Life skills of a different kind is what Philippe Thibault teaches kids in Canadian schools, after having been bullied in school:

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