Liberia on alert as Ebola outbreak hits neighbouring Guinea

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An Ebola outbreak in Guinea in west Africa has put six bordering nations on alert, while the World Health Organization has begun a mass vaccination programme. (Subscribe:

So far, 18 people have contracted the virus and nine have died.

In neighbouring Liberia, they have begun preparing for the worst again.

Only seven years ago the virus came across the Guinea border and nearly 5,000 people died. The survivors still bear the mental and physical scars and this latest outbreak is bringing back difficult memories.

This is our second special report from Liberia.
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Phylum Sì says:

The media coverage on the ebolavirus is almost nonexistent compared to the coronavirus.

Alistair MacGregor says:

pectin and chollestral reducing drugs,

The Observeer says:

Finding means to bring back this man made disease again. Going on a mission to find the target place, by the time she leaves you'll start hearing new cases. Can't trust these Western reporters.

Mr.Yusufu J. Kabbah says:

Ebony in liberia, what are you doing there reporting. Liers

Chris Seoc says:

But don't tell me, they still haven't stopped flights and closed borders. Almost like they want it to spread. Just like Wuhan. Can't take basic precautions to stop a spread, can lock people in their houses and force them to take vaccines… Ever feel that this has nothing to do with health?

SMM Productions says:

Looks like 2021 couldn't get any worse for some.

Jason Devon says:

Immediately ban everyone entering the UK from affected countries. Don't mess about with Ebola, it kills two thirds of people infected.

Maya M. says:

Where is the ”travel passport” for ebola

Mike ockslong says:

Ebola no mask 3 feet apart. Covid, near person with zero infection must be 10 feet apart. Channel 4 news i swear to god.

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abc abc says:

I wonder how poor countries can cope up with Covid and Ebola both at the same time?
Their livelihoods are devastated because, they can't sit back at home and die out of hunger when their subsistence is daily wage itself.

Daniel Oliver says:

Ready for the next lockdown guys Ebola will be the excuse

Vanessa Ramz says:

This is terrifying. I hope everyone stays as safe as possible 😔

BlackAigle says:

why Ebola only hit Africa countries, this is Fishy

Guff says:

Racist vvhite liar.

Chris Green says:

And here we are worrying about Coronovirus. These guys have to worry about Ebola too. A savage disease.

Donald Jones says:

Liberals is the reason they on ebola alert..


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Neo says:

Stop or reduce eating fishes

Neo says:

Stop trawlers which is killing the livelihoods of these local fishermen, causing them to hunt other wild animals

Elvira Carrillo says:

More from this reporter – her style of delivery and voice helps process the difficult subject matter.

Saul Badman says:

Ebola has a mortality rate of 90%. COVID has 2%… Thanks MSM, I'm not leaving the house any more

Sha Nanigans says:

No virus scares me like Ebola scares me. I can’t even imagine how I would behave if it hit my city. Prayers to all in the danger zone. 🙏🏻

Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2 says:

No to forced or coerced vaccines, no to vaccine passports. Disgrace.

Emilian Butoi says:

Raise the Cross. Make a big Cross in Wòd, put the name of Jesus Inri and go pray there. And I will heal the sick there says God whoever truely asks. Amen

John C says:

ebola a man made killer like what the torys are doing to us under the name of a virus truth to tell the virus has not killed one person in this world its what scientists have added to that virus that is killing masses of people around our world believe or disbelieve this post :–j-c

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