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Liberia Newspaper Editor Ebola Suspicions Rife – Phone Call Bai Best | Ebola Videos

Liberia Newspaper Editor Ebola Suspicions Rife – Phone Call Bai Best

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108morris108 says:

please people: no swearing or insults in the comments, those ones dont get

MrGrimv1 says:

I’d hoped you’d accept my apology one of these days Mo. : ) It is sincere.
If you haven’t noticed, I’m way ahead of the curve here.
Why do you think I over analyzed you in the first place?
I don’t normally think in circles, pun intended.., but
we’d make a nice yen and Yang team.
Your very respectable, and me.., not so much, though I’m equally as
intelligent. (I’m not saying we know all of the same things).
We’d catch a lot more sleepies in our “wake ’em up net.”
Of course we’d have to do a practice run, because I have such a hard time
not swearing.lol
I don’t make my videos for money. I just do this for the satifaction I get
in knowing that I’ve helped others to become more aware of the reality
behind the world they, “thought” they were living.
Let me know what you think, one way or the other.
I’d very much appreciate it if you did.

Joseph Cek says:

Good point about the organ harvesting, same thing happened in the
earthquake in Haiti which Hugo Chavez said was caused by US earthquake
weapon. Next day Israel medical teams were there stealing organs. I don’t
buy his Ebola koolaid argument though. He said Ebola is real because
everyone is afraid of touching each other and cause International news
reports say so.. Such garbage. First of all, ppl being afraid only means
that they have accepted the fear mongering and believing the lame stream
news means nothing in terms of truth. 

BondServant1110 says:

I was doing research for an English Comp. paper four years ago and read a
quote in the Texas Monthly that a oil company CEO said about West Africans.
“You don’t have a big enough imagination to think of ways that they can
scheme against you to separate you from your money.” Ebola is used to send
in troops to Africa take control and secure resource away from China and
Russia. Ebola is being used here in the states as a smoke screen for the
market crash and to tight the belt against the military industrial complex

peacefulpatriots says:

Seems you have found a fake journalist Morris

mahdi muntadar says:

EBOLA = supression of paper money cause money can spread viruses because in
touches many hands … thats the plan…

deathdenyzme says:

There are videos from CNN that show people in the streets with big smiles
and giggles when the media shows up. They do not look frightened at all.
Seems this guy is in cahoots with the story tellers. He also plays ignorant
when put on the spot and passing the buck to his alleged reporters on the

Cynical2012 says:

Unacceptable, One ABC video portraying a ‘zombie’ with crowds of people
across the street shoulder to shoulder. This guy’s English does not sound
native to Liberia. 

badriyah43 says:

Been tuning into your channel for a couple of years now. Thank you for
this one. 

tonyt187 says:

The article with the formaldehyde was very interesting & could well be
true. Something about this guy just seems off to me though, but I can’t put
my finger on what it is, just what my intuition picks up. 

Bleepnsheep says:

A Liberian newspaper editor? A professional gate keeper is not to be
trusted.@ 14:47. Morris. Have you seen people with Ebola? Editor. No I have
not. Personally I have not.

Mohamed Sonic says:

The guy seems confused and kinda scared may I say also it looks like he
believes the whole hype thing we cant blame him because his country is
within the danger zone so I am not blaming him but he has an advantage
being there on the ground he can observe and try to figure out facts but
again as I said he seems too scared thats why it sees it as a reality or
maybe it is a reality now am getting confused my self. 

Peter M Bailey says:

Very interesting Morris, this enigmatic disease they are spreading with
their propaganda becomes very real for those entrenched within the media
machine. As for me? I don’t watch TV or read newspapers so for me is simply
does not exist.
If this newspaper editor there on the ground has not seen anyone with this
so called ebola then there is no none around him that have this so called
disease, he relies soley on his reporters.
It seems this enigmatic disease is only spread by the controlled media.
Their motives for spreading this so called disease could be many. It will
be interesting to speculate on those motives I think Morris. Air travellers
will stop travelling, destroying certain airlines, maybe that is one
motive. Have you ever watched a zombie movie Morris? In those movies you
will see wanton slaughter of so called diseased people, sending troops to a
country full of so called ebola could be viewed as setting the scene for a
real life zombie situation, removing peoples ownership of whatever they
owned before being killed. This whole process could be called trauma based
nation control.
Time will tell Morris, thanks for this report.

Edited to add this only Morris. Ebola was put out by the controlled media
and is picked up by all media jumping on the badwagon. Most diseases are
named after the person discovering them. The name given to this so called
disease is very interesting in its makeup and what it does not say. It
would be interesting to find out who named it and why they named it ebola.

Joris Truthseeker says:

What happened in the end? Will there be a part 2 with the rest of the talk?

Sahelian Nomad says:

Not a bad interview at least we know him, himself has not seen anyone with
so called Ebola.
Being originally from W Africa, I can tell you that the villagers are more
trustworthy than a bureaucrat in the capital city. If those locals from the
rural areas believe there is something odd…allegedly or not, I trust them
more! Furthermore they know how such and such disease or symptom manifests
itself more than the so called experts.

Louaner says:

Is he part of the Mainstream Media over there?

fictitiousarts says:

“Really?” hehehehe Uh, YEAH.

sail1948 says:

Where are the comments from people in Sierra Leone and Liberia? Has this
virus also caused their computers to crash?
Something very strange going on here.

Baupylypuab says:

I was listening with interest until 14:48, but the sentencd about CNN
crisis actors got cut off. Can we hear the rest? That killing to harvest
kidneys is pretty gruesome stuff. I have heard that Gazans have been
subjected to the same.


Liars always use more words to lie, than someone who’s telling the truth.
this man is a liar for sure

Ebola Hoax says:

Exposing The Ebola Hoax

The Elite’s Plan For World Genocide By Vaccine


Marie Agbodjan says:


F Zentura says:

This guy sounds like he’s working with them. Although, I wouldn’t be
surprised if organ trafficking is part of the “big program”…

Christine Hansen says:
Josey Wales says:

According to???? This poor fellow just doesn’t know what he is talking

Jazy Moonchild says:

Going off my gut I feel like this guy is full of crap…I know that don’t
mean much but that’s just the vibe I get from him..feel free to think what
you like.

Brigitte Youman says:

Exposing The Ebola Hoax

The Elite’s Plan For World Genocide By Vaccine


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