Liberia: Living with Ebola (Africa Investigates)

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Insight TWI’s Emmy and BAFTA winning reporter Sorious Samura – a native of neighbouring Sierra Leone – joins Liberian investigative reporter Mae Azango to bring out the inside story of the Ebola outbreak from the worst hit country, Liberia.

** WINNER: BEST DOCUMENTARY (2015), Mo Amin Africa Media Awards

Produced by Insight TWI: The World Investigates for Al Jazeera English as part of the “Africa Investigates” series.

Director: Clive Patterson
Reporter: Sorious Samura
Reporter: Mae Azango
Head of Production: Selina Kay
Series Producer: Seamus Mirodan
Commissioning Editor: Diarmuid Jeffreys
Executive Producers: Ron McCullagh & Jonathan Ossoff

Original music by Grammy winner Daniel Platzman

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M Zach says:

Of course Robert had close contact with his brother, I wouldn't let my brother lay there and bleed to death and not help him, even if it meant my own life.  That girl at 9:50 is beautiful, you have her telephone number? lol

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