Liberia, Guinea are meeting Ebola targets: WHO WHO, “에볼라, 진정추세, 원천 차단은 아직

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Time now for a look through the global headlines we′re following this Tuesday morning. For that, we turn to Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice.
Good morning, Mark. The World Health Organization has released a situation report on its fight against Ebola in West Africa… and says… two of the three hardest-hit countries are on target for full containment.
Assistant Director General Dr. Bruce Aylward told reporters Liberia and Guinea have isolated and treated 70 percent of people sick with the contageous disease… and safely buried the Ebola dead… in line with WHO′s goals.
He said Sierra Leone was still seeing a shortage of beds and treatment centers… and seeing rising cases in an area near the capital of Freetown… but was cautiously optimistic it would catch up in “weeks”. He did caution, however, much more work was needed to reach zero cases.
UN′s Ebola chief David Nabarra from Freetown confirmed the “tremendous progress” and added the next 60 days was crucial, saying it was up to “Sierra Leoneans themselves to make the difference.”
99 percent of the world′s Ebola cases are observed in the three countries.


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