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Leuren Moret update / Ebola and Ukraine, and history of the Jesuits | Ebola Videos

Leuren Moret update / Ebola and Ukraine, and history of the Jesuits

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11_16_2014 / Scientist and Researcher Leuren Moret joins me from California to discuss geopolitical developments in areas of war, pandemics, and the world economy, and the influence and control of the Jesuit order in world politics.
Leuren Moret website: www.leurenmoret.info

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Iacchus6 says:

The Jesuits are crypto-Jews.

Jordin Hay says:

Absolutely wonderful video, very interesting and educational.


We need an exhilarating, evolutionary, all-persuasive model of self-governance that can be shown to the masses as infinitely preferable to the system, and which gets everyone talking about how amazing it is. That is what will give enforcers like cops and soldiers pause to see there is an alternative. It needs to produce abundance and be actively seen to benefit every member of the community. It must be self-governing and must become independent of banks, corporations and governments, and if it isn't 100% independent, it needs to be having that dialogue. There is a solution to every perceived problem. HUMANITY WILL THEN GO FROM SELF-PERCEIVED VICTIMS TO A FULL REALIZATION OF THEIR INFINITE POTENTIAL FOR EMPOWERMENT.

Miggy Z says:

Hahaha, they look like they're making up crap as they go on yapping.

sssssjjjj1 says:

Moret is just another kooo kooo for kosher kash, whore.   A regular Karen Hudes. ahhahahahaahahahha   A dumbshit who thinks she's smart.    If you run with human dog tics…..you get delusional.  You're used to being around criminals who are stupid and then you start believing your own media lies.  They're not number one in IQ….they're 14th.  The Germans and Fins are the highest IQ.   But they own the media and do lie.

Wayne says:

Keep in mind one thing. It is not all Jesuits, not all Jews, not all Nazis, not all communists, not all Freemasons, not all Christians, etc who do inhuman things. It is always a criminal element that creeps into these organizations and manipulates from within. SOME of all the above groups have engaged in some nasty business. SOME of the individuals in these groups were also just tools and cannon fodder for the infiltrators. The organized criminal cabal COOPERATE and plant their infiltrators in ALL organizations left, right, and centre, of any consequence. They have infiltrated virtually every media organization, military, government, bureaucracy, religion in the world. They are in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and all over Asia. They are the CRIMINAL element. So, how do we deal with it? Instead of trying to identify particular groups, identify INDIVIDUALS who are engaging in BEHAVIOUR that is counter to humanity thriving on this planet. Isolate them and stop letting them control the narrative. Focus on the BEHAVIOUR and forget the labels that are intended to deceive you into thinking it is this group or that group. These criminals are in ALL these groups. Also, stop buying their stuff and their bullshit. They have power ONLY because all the good people of the world GIVE it to them. When we stop giving them the power they become powerless. End of the game. WE are in control of the outcome here. Stop buying their shit.

yvan mcgregor says:


Tom McDonough says:

Thank you so much Paul, for interviewing and posting this video. Leuren is a fascinating woman filled with knowledge. The people are awakening in exponential numbers and it is mostly due to people like yourself Paul, who brings such incredible information to the masses. Thanks again Paul, with all my heart.

Adonis Killah says:

Hey Maxwell Smart your handle should be Maxwell the idiot

Joan Ols says:

I also have a file onf the 13 Bloodlines. First, I posted on my blog:  joanoblog.wordpress.com   IT'S COMING BUT NOT AROUND THE CORNER. In brief, I list the important Knights of Malta by name.  FOX NEWS IS A BRITISH INTELLIGENCE NEST RUN BY THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA. Few of the Knights of Malta, Cardinal Edward Egan, Rick Santorum, Leon Panetta King Juan Carlos of Spain Archbishop Timothy Dolan, The Dulles Brothers, Grand Master, Cardinal Matthew Festing, Grand Chancellor, Jerry Buzek, Eric Prince, wealthy merchant, Omar adaffi, his family if on of the highest Knights of Malta and Gadaffi isa Freemason also hiding in seclusion  and the Knights of the Virgin Mary IHS, is the Vatican!
3 vids to watch:  Alert, Templar attack on the Middle East, The Papacy control of the Muslims, Middle East turmoils spreading to creat global holy war Parts 1 and 2

Josie Dunne says:

I think its because you are a Quaker? It makes it easier for you to blame the Jesuits and Catholic Church….

Josie Dunne says:

The NWO want all to believe that its the Jesuits who are to blame when its really the freemason Kabal…. They have won if you believe this…

Josie Dunne says:

The Jesuits are infiltrated by the Freemanson Kabal….It is not what Francis Xavier and friends started it for but to protect the faith. Just look at what they have don't to the Catholic faith and Church – they are trying to destroy it from the inside. I disagree that they were set up to do what they are doing today – its infiltration. 

Dimensions100 says:

So the Jesuits are the Nazi side of things whilst the Zionists are the Commie side of things?  Wow.  I get it.
  You guys need to understand, Hitler and Stalin were good friends:)
  Both of their parties are instruments of the NWO.

ELIA Judiya says:

we are in the wrong place on earth at a same time~~~~~~`
everything is that we knew about was  the false flag~~~~~~

Lara Green says:

Michael Rivero just reported that Congress passed some sort of "declaration" that Russia must stop its aggressor actions in Ukraine (Friday's show. 12-05-2014) … archived commercial-free at the Ron Gibson YouTube channel, his show is called What Really Happened, his website is http://www.whatreallyhappened.com
Another decent news source is Veterans Today … archived at YouTube channels Glenn Canady and Things You Don't Know.

Joe Piscapo says:

They did get sloppy with false flag operations didn't they? 😡    

JoAlice Levin says:

Life was much simpler when greed was less in the picture.  Manipulation by the US and its devestating results sadly is nothing new.  A huge amount of Americans including myself suffer from Lyme disease which ought to be called the Panzer disease since the US government hired Nazi officials to work in our defense department.  Check out Plum Island.  Idiots.

JoAlice Levin says:

Maybe these guys will all knock each other off and women can finally run the world.

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