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Lets Talk … EBOLA : Episode 1 | Ebola Videos

Lets Talk … EBOLA : Episode 1

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Talking about Ebola in a far to irreverent way. Find out more about Ebola from the very clever people in the links below: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ebola-…

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Mon B. says:

Cleaning your hands and not touching shit doesn’t seem like such a silly
issue when you’re one of the 2.5~ billion people living without any
sanitation whatsoever. Obviously ebola is not even vaguelly going to become
an issue in developed countries, but some places are thoroughly fucked.
Entire villages have been wiped out by the disease.

phoebemcarthur says:

You must mention the nearly 5000 people in West Africa who have died from
Ebola. Just because it is not an immediate threat to us doesn’t mean that
it is not still a massive issue. I know that this is not an overly serious
video and I trust that you are not meaning to say that American lives are
more important, however it really does come across that way.

Dave J Giles says:

already found your style… brilliant!

Gary C says:

don’t touch people’s excrement! should be a t-shirt. ps excrement is a rank
word, sorry x

Tom Burns says:

Do you fail to take your own advise in Episode 2 and catch Ebola from poo?

rhymingwithoranges says:

Oh golly! I can’t wait for episode 2!

Lewis Parker says:

Loving this already :) Roll on episode 2! 

JamiesFace says:

NEW VLOG. ‘Let’s Talk … EBOLA’ I am giving this Vlogging thing a go! I
hope you like it :) pls comment and share :) Lets Talk … EBOLA : Episode

Georaga says:

I love this! I couldn’t stop laughing dude!

1monkeywithagunn says:

I don’t care what you say Jamie I’m still going to touch your shit.

EnjoyingSam says:

Well heck, I thought touching shit was okay, but thanks to you I am now
safe as houses! Thank you, Jamie Paul the Vlogger!

YesShesTheTallOne says:

The music felt a bit mis-matched, i’m not sure, getting royalty-free tracks
for vlogs is a mare so didn’t worry it didnt take me out of what you were
saying to much,

Kay arty says:

funny. you’re funny

LifeIsYourInstrument says:

This is the best advice I have been given all day! This needed to be longer
haha I was actually sad it ended, can’t wait for episode 2!

Jamie Paul says:

BRAND NEW VLOG. My fist proper vlog. ‘Let’s Talk … EBOLA’

justlizzie says:

‘ If you see someone bleeding from their FUCKING EYES, DON’T TOUCH THEIR
great advice, i know now… :)

Mark Hilton says:

wise words my son, wise words

Niamh Lennie says:

Love this:) bring on the next episode

Samuel Erskine says:

I remember your shit touching days. Bad times.

Rick K. says:

Ebola is a scam and people are stupid. The media is purposefully using
Ebola as a fear tactic to make people panic so the government has an excuse
to send soldiers into Africa. Literally 1 person in the US has died from it
and yet it’s on the news 24/7. Blows my mind how gullible some are.

Not to mention the fact that it’s not even known if originally Ebola was a
chemically created disease or something natural. There are facilities in
Africa that “study” it, but when 5000 people in Africa have already died
from it, there is something else going on. These facilities are backed by
the US government and the testing that goes on in them is onto the likeness
of chemical warfare.

The nurses who “contracted” Ebola never really got Ebola because they
didn’t touch any of the patients excrements. It was all hype to create

I suggest doing your research everyone. More people should know about the
scary shenanigans the government gets to. 

Ben Bauchet says:

I love the idea that we should now compare every “epidemic” to something
celebrity related in order to put it into perspective. Something like ‘More
people have felt directly victimised by Kanye West than have been diagnosed
with bubonic plague in America.’

Speedy Owl says:

This was a great video, you should do vlogs more often.

Jasmine Onstad says:

A little bit misleading when you stressed that more people have married
KimK than caught Ebola, the second time you didn’t say in America. Cause
thousands have died ya know. Instead of donating to buy soap the posters
should be asking for health worker volunteers, that’s what’s actually going
to help! But that seems like a bit to much effort for most doesn’t it, not
so glamorous when there’s the risk of death! And it’s not gonna earn Oxfam
any money…

John OBrien says:

I would rather die from Ebola than marry Kim Kardashian.

Shannon Christie says:

Of all the bodily fluids, it pleases me greatly that semen was the first
one you thought of.

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