Kericho county comments on woman exhibiting Ebola symptoms

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Veronica Crespo RN says:

Correct: for each positive case of Ebola, unfortunately, countless people have been exposed and it is beyond difficult to back track at that point… all you can do is isolate the infected person.
please research this for yourselves …much love to all.

Small Town Girl Big City Heart says:

Praying they contain this and no one else falls ill.

Bati Vicky says:

sip some wine everytime she says "you can imagine"

mohamed duqow says:

If u are black people ..mtakufa kesho ebola na ugonjwa mbali mbali..wazungu are aur enemies mjueni ..

Geoffrey says:

Whats happening at the border. I thought when it was declared in uganda, the border could have had measures put in place to ensure people from uganda are scrutinized to ensure infected people are not allowed entry.

Vivianne Gesh says:

Kama hii story ya ebola imejulikana 4days ago in Uganda alafu huyu mama ametoa maraba this morning basi ni ebola, this politicians kasi yao ni siasa tu, hii story ilitoka 4days ago in Uganda, watu wanapuuza hii story Sana this disease is dangerous

mutinda festus says:

Mlingoa reporter meno 🏃 🏃

Tipsawa says:

with our strong genes ebola wont do us harm itaisha tu

Khadar Deek says:

once ikifika nairobi itafagia watu mob sana

Nais Kaurrai says:

Wazungu wamesuceed kuifikisha Kenya? Ndio maana juzi juzi they held an emergency conference in UK but barred all East African scientists using flimsy reasons.

sylvia ecke says:

Ebola iko Kenya tusha kufa

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