Is Quarantining Ebola Patients Necessary? | msnbc

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Ryan Boyko, a Yale student quarantined by the state of Connecticut despite having tested negative for Ebola, talks with Rachel Maddow about inconsistent and …


ededos478 says:

Thanks a lot MSNBC for supporting the Ebola candidate back in 2008 and
2012, this is all your fault for supporting Obama in the first place! I
don’t want to hear anything you have to say, its all yours and the rest of
the medias fault for making this man seem better than Romney, when in fact
he prooved to be worse than any other president due to his carelessness at
our boarders. You people at MSNBC should go live in Liberia with Ebola!

kittykj99 says:

Do quarantined people receive an income while they are quarantined? Are
they placed on sick leave? Are their jobs guaranteed to be there until
after the quarantine? 

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