Inside Story – Ebola epidemic: Global responsibility?

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Emergency meeting in Ghana adopts new strategy to fight world’s deadliest outbreak.


Andrew Steeves says:

If this isn't contained and brought under control soon it will become global. I can almost guarantee it has already spread to more than just 3 countries, however the CDC, WHO, Governments and DWB are keeping that to themselves to not spread panic. If it becomes global the only way to deal with this is to kill the infected and burn the bodies.

kurtilein3 says:

it should be easy. dont eat monkeys, dont eat fruit bats. when you see witch doctors or missionaries, kill them, they only spread lies that will make you sick. then there is this strange thing that when someone dies, they have something like a cadaver party where they all touch the corpse and wash it and cry over it. thats bad, dont play with dead relatives. only a special class of people should touch dead bodies, trained professionals, lets call them undertakers.

there. a little bit of common sense, and the problem is fixed.

Abcflc says:

I dont want to go all vegetarian fanatic on youtube because I'm not a vegetarian, but if people didn't eat bushmeat maybe there would not be any ebola epidemics.

epsilon945 says:

Ebola a man made disease just like Aids, it's all part of Agenda 21 UN charter for a Global population reduction, you may like to discover the guide Stones of Georgia US upon which is written ideal global population 500,000,000. Funded by the Talmudic ZIONISTS and Freemasons under their ideology of a new world order which they govern. this is not bla bla all the information and proof has been reveled you just need to research it yourselves. Say Thankyou to Bill Gates who funds polio injections that give you polio or kills your children ! it's disgraceful that the poor and underdeveloped countries are always the jeckles Lab rats. excuse me but fuck you !

Professional Pussy Petter says:

The Good thing about Ebola is that it killed people faster that it can infect. So we can see it contained in the region of west africa for the time being.

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