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INSIDE MSF ETU – ELWA 3: Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) gives Mamadee Diakite a guided tour of ELWA-3 (Monrovia), the biggest MSF Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) …

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Mamadee Diakite says:
mohammad dookhun says:

why the guitar for god sake.This is suppose to be a serious programme and
we hear this stupid guitar sound.

terry brown says:

Very informative. Great job!

Alex Svegnassen says:

Mamadee is way too close with that recorder. I am concerned some spit
droplets may reach that recorder. However, I must say, he’s very polite
and very respectful. Nice guy.

jimboajubejube says:

the music makes ebola sound like a happy thing

Nkosi Okonjo says:

As i view this video, I am concerned about the water that I see on the
ground that it may become stagnant inviting mosquitoes and flies that can
transmit the virus germ to others regardless of how safe and clean they
keep the area and themselves.These mosquitoes and flies travel to different
locations and carry with them that virus contracted from sweat, vomit and
also from coming in contact with infected persons. Also what about the
drainage of contaminated water from those who are being disinfected.

Celeste Kittie says:

So you are saying ebola has been around there long enough for all of those
people to get experience sitting in a hair for a year before interacting
with patients?

Tgirl B says:

Thank you.

Bulk Logan says:

This will be America soon if that dick head in the White House doesn’t get
off the golf course and put his crack pipe down. 

Davitor39 says:

You are the most big heroes on the world. Greetings from Colombia!

Chris M says:

Thanks to MSF team for the work and thank you Mamadee Diakite for the job
you are doing as a journalist.

pryncessable says:

The music makes me am watching someone walking through a beautiful park &
not an infested Ebola camp.
God bless the workers for all they do. Constant disinfecting! Good job
Mamadee D!

rivierafrank says:

Great reporting sir,

Stay safe!

SherriSLC says:

Very helpful information. Thank you.

mflom556 says:

wow I know Sam from Winston salem nice too see him-i’m Liberian, thanks so
much for posting these vids-its great he is working there with MSF to help
end this virus 

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