Inside a High-Security Ebola Isolation Chamber

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Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) – A UN employee who contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone is being treated at the Begin hospital, near Paris. The same hospital treated another patient in September who survived Ebola. Bloomberg went to the hospital to meet with the doctor overseeing treatment. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Prince Risen says:

Anyone watching this in 2018?

MA Vlog's says:

i am scared shitless

Tommy Vailes says:

This will cause zombie apocolipse

Astronaut Boy says:

I wouldn't do that job

Jorge says:

Why dont they make a hospital where it's just extremely bad diseases? But like, on an island to prevent spread of disease or something…

Zambie Killer202 says:

I can't stand low air pressure For some reason my lungs Can't breath Air When I breath slowly and calmly Is this a problem? I'm only 11

Source filmmaker and stuff says:


WiZzaRD Steuchre says:

Omfg,its so bad that it requires an air pressure room. How do these people ever live?

Anne says:

Wonder whatever happen to EBOLA=Elite Better Off Left Alone

JACezb Blankji says:

Why do i feel like im somewhat watching an zombie apocalyps outbrake..9

Da Wae says:

I wish I could do this without the suit if you catch my meaning.

It's a bad edgy joke.

Tarzan says:

2018 anyone?

Ford Racing says:

2018🤹‍♀️🎲🎷🎲any one

Campers says:

Why are they wearing dust masks then?

Nur Sabrina Saharuddin says:

Reminds me of breaking bad

M1_X says:

Reminds me of Scp

Ivan Gulan says:

They didn't close the door good.

Migueberg P says:

I thought it was a Breaking Bad video, happy 10th aniversary to the best TV show of all time

Migueberg P says:

I thought it was a Breaking Bad video, happy 10th aniversary to the best TV show of all time

Vicenzo Pegorini says:

Do you know da wai?

StickManGamer says:


simplicz says:

They kno da wae

That guy across the street says:

This is de wey my queen

kendama kid says:

I got Ebola watching this video

Sack Boy says:

You fool! We will steal the Ebola and show people the way!

xoFeelMyPainox says:


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