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Illuminati Ebola Virus to Kill Millions 2015 Exposed NWO Warning(Redsilverj) | Ebola Videos

Illuminati Ebola Virus to Kill Millions 2015 Exposed NWO Warning(Redsilverj)

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https://www.facebook.com/Redsilverj Illuminati Ebola Virus to Kill Millions 2015 Exposed Warning The Ebola virus which has a 50% to 90% kill rate which leaves it’s victims bleeding inside…

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Angel Dunne says:

I almost freaked out last week watching the news, an black woman from USA
was speaking out on how black folks from Africa should be the first to get
the vaccine, and hinted it was racist if they didn’t. I could of jumped
through the tv screen to slap that woman. OH how nice of her to have this
useless vaccine tested on people from Africa, made me sick her fighting for
something so awful. Race is too often used as a weapon, I pray if that it
isn’t used on them. I hope no one falls for this shit. 

rAdiant Jet says:

I bet you they are going to come out and say “come and get your free ebola
vaccine at you local Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid”. DON’T TAKE IT! I don’t trust
the government! Plus the U.N. and the W.H.O. is involved. I hope you know
the U.N. want population reduction. So don’t trust them!

iowa girl says:

Check out this video on YouTube: this guy is so stinking funny. I recommend
his channel. 

Jacob Legendsmith --Wizard101-- says:

loomynardy pls ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

Kevin Worldsavior says:

Only my discovery can save the world from the imminent zombie apocalypse
and keep everybody (kids and adults) absolutely healthy all the time – The
Ebola outbreak is a hoax to trick you into getting a viral nanobot laced
vaccine that will turn into a zombie and destroy you – But I got the deadly
weapon to destroy that viral zombie nanobot instantly – I got the power
(and everybody can possess it) to wipe out Ebola, AIDS, Colds, Flues, T4
Bacteriophage, Polio, TB, Pertussis, Any Poxes, Any Hepatitis, SARS,
Malaria, Dengue, Cholera, etc. in just a few days – I got my WVCD – The
Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction – By far more powerful than the
human immune system, keeping it intact all the time – Just an exercise for
a minute a day – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth
for more than 2 million years – Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, MS and
Strokes – Even Tibetans and Yoga don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy
all the time – The price of the WVCD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO
(can be paid to me by the governments of all countries in the world) – Only
my WVCD can destroy the T4 Bacteriophage viral nanobot spread by vaccines,
hatched to cause global zombie apocalypse (by altering the human DNA) and
wipe out billions of humans, the moment it gets into our blood stream and
save the whole world – Just google “T4 Bacteriophage nanobot” to get all
the info regarding this Israeli race warfare ethno-bomb.

Since1987 says:

theres a cure swallow the barrel of a shotgun 

Imon2udude says:

They can vaccinate my corpse cuz as long as I draw breath I will not allow
this Satanic government to inject anything into my body. Anybody who would
trust these Sandy Hoaxers must be completely brainwashed or brain dead.

Hmm says:

interesting point about Obamacare paying for the vaccines. That way the 40%
to 60% of the people that are on some type of government assistance will
gladly take the experiential vaccine which will pay trillions to private
companies and produce more sick customers for hundreds of other companies.
Seems to be a win win except for the sheeple that are lead to the shears
and eventually the mass grave.

Heidi says:

Your videos are awesome! 

Amanda Faye Cain says:

It’s not an airborne illness.

Turn_off_TV says:

For you simpletons out there, ask yourself this. Why all of a sudden is
there a major increase in ebola infections? *Also, if the controlled,
puppet media is constantly pushing something, there is an agenda.*

Doonie602 says:

As never before in the long history of Earth and its people, wars and
crimes, as well as manifold brutalities prevail, which constantly increase
in step with the overpopulation.
The old venerable relationships between planet and man have changed
drastically for the worse, especially since the middle of the nineteenth
century and the trend is continuing noticeably.
Not only has mankind sunk into an abyss of boundless depravity, but it has
also brought this decay to the planet and the entire animal world and
nature as a whole.
All governments and those responsible and the majority of the population
have become the keepers of evil.
While they talk of peace and better quality of life as well as of better
interpersonal relationships, aid for the hungry, environmental protection
and many other good things, the governments and responsible people secretly
re-arm and prepare deadly weapons in order to destroy entire nations.
But the majority of the population is also busy increasing the decay, and
as a consequence, hate, discontent, wastefulness, vices, addictions, murder
and manslaughter, etc. will be committed.
All the new inventions are used ultimately to destroy as well as
annihilating plants and animals.
The environmental pollution and destruction increase constantly and the
degeneration of man produces ever more deadly excesses.
Therefore in reality, so-called progress is nothing else but a degeneration
leading nowhere.
One cannot even speak about a retrogression, because never before has Earth
humanity found itself on such a steep decline as in the present time.

Ioanna*Warrior4YHWH says:

You’ve outdone yourself!! LOL!!
I can’t stop!!!!

tracehd1 says:

*ManHeFlY…blahblahblahwoowoowoo* lmfaoooo OMG…we’re All gonna Die…but
I’m laughing about it…haha…

Ok..we’re all not going to die. I’m starting to think this is a vaccine
scam…but…we still need to pay attention…Obama’s exec order July 31-
NYC-Bio-terror…illegals crossing w/ incurable TB…all the FEMA camps
opening…a Prison by Grants old home..empty being stocked w/ almost a 100
employees…and that’s not the only location…they’ve made a quarantine
map…all the supplies, bullets, med tents, military cops w/ their military
equipment…at the end of the day..financial collapse…they need
death…via- bio-weapon…or war…watch your back.

*WaVes to ManHeFlY….You ROCK!!!*

Redsilverj says:

#illuminati #ebola #virus #kill #millions #2015 #Exposed #warning

Anthony Sparrow says:

Not real. Vaccine available soon. Don’t believe this guy! You talk smack! I
don’t like this channel! The government doesn’t do this crap. It ain’t
real. Just a natural outbreak 

MindOverEverything says:

Epic first minute, great video.

(*Take THAT, SCG!*)

Julene Good says:

We are all going to die I’m out of here. And not telling the illuminati
where I’m going to another country when I do go.

Emily Castro says:

How nice, a vaccine is coming out to help with this deadly
disease………..god only knows what the hell is in it. A fake disease so
the WHO can inject more people with crap. I will never allow anything to be
injected into my body, especially if the government is telling me it’s a
good idea!

elevendebraeleven says:

Well said.

Chip Fernandez says:

The 220K to 500 flu deaths per year are attributed to people who were also
sick with something else (comorbidity). This is unlike ebola where it
strikes healthy people.

TrulyFree says:

Wow I thought you’d be going down the wacky conspiracy theorist fear
mongering road saying ebola will kill everyone but you made a u-turn on me.
Bravo. Of course it’s miniscule and will just be another swine flu
propaganda campaign to sell vaccines and pills, the experimental cure being
a GMO tobacco slosh and vaccines made by a man that bragged about reducing
the world population with GM Viruses. Video on my channel explaining

charismaswagg says:

When Jesus returns EVERY knee shall bow ad every tongue shall confess that
Jesus is Lord. Get to know Jesus folks before it’s too late!

*Jesus Saves*

youlittlerocket says:

WATCH UTOPIA SEASON 2, they talk about creating Ebola in a lab… And then
they will use planes to spray it so they can have their 500 million people
on earth… I swear i couldn’t believe what i was hearing…. S2 E2…
Please watch it

woot woot says:

is it bad that i was laughing lmfao

Chaz Mania says:

Fear mongering? Idk the first min of the video was deff making fun of
‘stormcloudsgathering’ video on Ebola. But the video deff isn’t fear
mongering….. We r all gonna die one day, and if death is coming for u….
He’s gonna get ya

Andy Vegan says:

Humans continue to die from viruses.. mmm

emilliano gradillas says:

Obama had this all planed along with alk the rich people hideing in bunkers

humantiger72 says:

Ebola can be cured…massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.

Spokes Sim says:

Have you read this? They say they will start testing it on humans.

miakasm says:

Man I go back to my mountain. No person knows where i live so no virus can
get me ;)

kerrygotcake says:

their talking about using peoples blood who survived ebola to make a
vaccine to give to others. their blood would have the antibodies in it that
is suppose to combat ebola. however some people will not live from this
vaccine, just like those that had died from ebola. im not sure if its
genetics or other factors that some can recover from ebola but i hope they
study it carefully

clunkmess says:

Once you go in those camps your freedom will NEVER be returned to you!

Reveal Truth says:

Today I read there is a ultra violet machine that cures Ebola in 2 minutes.

Samara Staton says:

Not sure how to feel about this…

chaddie1978 says:

I love lamp….even if it has ebola.

jj Rocker says:

thanks great video, I am starting to see how they operate now…so
insidious. I believe you hit the nail on the head here and from what I know
about the American majority they will fall for this carp hook,line, and

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