IAF: Ebola What You Need to Know

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Panel discussion regarding Ebola in the United States and West Africa. Speakers included Dr. Terrie Taylor from Michigan State University, NPR Correspondent Anders Kelto, CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer Benjamin Levy, Grand Traverse County Health Officer Wendy Trute and Infection Prevention Director for Munson Medical Center Karen Speirs.

Anders Kelto, correspondent for National Public Radio’s Global Health and Development team. A Traverse City native, Kelto’s primary focus is on Africa. In September he traveled to and reported on Ebola from Sierra Leone, one of the three west African nations experiencing an outbreak. He will discuss the effort to halt Ebola at its source in western Africa; what is working and what is not, what has been provided in terms of assistance and what is still lacking, African perceptions of the crisis and the international response.
Dr. Terrie Taylor, distinguished professor of medicine at Michigan State University and an internationally recognized expert on disease in Africa. Taylor, also a Traverse City native, spends six months out of every year in the southern African nation of Malawi conducting malaria research and treating patients, most of whom are children. Dr. Taylor recently was in Malawi, helping to assess Ebola preparedness there.
Dr. Karen Speirs, director of Infection Prevention at Munson Medical Center as well as president of Munson’s medical staff. She has specialized in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine for 14 years and is leading efforts to develop contingency planning for this community in case of any Ebola cases here.
Wendy Trute, Health Officer for Grand Traverse County Health Department. In the event of an outbreak of any infectious disease, local health departments play a key role in coordinating local responses, training of first responders, contact tracing with infected individuals and those exposed, communicating risk messages to the public and serving as a liaison to the state health department and the Centers for Disease Control. Trute has spent 19 years in the field of public health as a health officer and epidemiologist.


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