Hunting for Ebola among the bats of the Congo

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Biologists trap and sample giant fruit bats, the suspected reservoir of the deadly virus Learn more:


Unicorn Chan says:

The bats are so cuteeeeeee

Timmy 002 Gaming says:

The bats looks like cubone

Nam TaLuong says:

I'm so interested in the Ebola outbreak and stuff i want to write a essay about it

Annalise Rivera says:

Don’t hurt the bats 🦇😭😭😭😭

甘い夢 C: says:

I feel bad for the bats😔😓

Classified Czygamer merry chris says:

1:57 When your dog mutates

KevinCummings Fitness says:

Bats are as ugly as the ball brothers

Golden eye wolf 28 says:

Poor bats ;-;

Execution868 says:

Who else thought that the thumbnail was a goat, like I mean uhh the bats ugly I thought it was a goat

Rep says:

why do thet let the bat go after if it has the virus??

rsty.c FTW says:

Wait Ebola is a river? Lol

Amina Hussein says:

Me and my friend Jason have a bat friend named Charlie I should stay away now

an average twenty one pilots psycho girl says:

Wow the bat is somehow better looking than me…..

erika is a SNAKE says:

The thumbnail……

Julius Döring says:

Those are some ugly bats…

Nguyen Ngoc Khang says:

outstanding content. shoutouts to the scientists who risk their lives for the sake of humanity!

DrPastah says:

God speed ebola-chan

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