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How to protect yourself from Ebola for $10 | Ebola Videos

How to protect yourself from Ebola for $10

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Link to book http://www.amazon.com/Retreat-Security-Small-Unit-Tactics/dp/1499662491/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407172727&sr=8-1&keywords=David+Kobler How to en…

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OutlawedSpank says:

I fell the prepper community that worries about ebola really needs to learn
about ebola.

Its a tropical disease that can only be transmitted through fluids and
tropical Mosquito’s, face masks will do little to nothing. 

Rich Doherty says:

Actually I’m more concerned with the radioactive contamination from

Joe Primal says:

Hey David. Just finished your book. It was very good. No time-wasting
fluff, just condensed good information. Well done.

dawnswindow2237 says:

Ebola or not …this has been very helpful. Thank you for video, links, and
pricing info. I think they will not only make it difficult to find items,
they probably won’t tell us what’s going on until it’s right at our door. I
know the CDC was fighting a T.B. outbreak with the homeless in L.A. also
there are lot of trailers around beach area and there are signs up around
trailer parks regarding fleas and Typhus. Nothing in the local media
regarding either disease.

Jose Garcia says:

I’m sure you already have some on tap but sheet plastic to isolate a room
would come in handy. Water proof cover for a mattress, so that you don’t
have to burn the matters.

miceryt111 says:

YES YOU WILL NEED A TRUE NBC MASK!!! N95 is not enough! Ebola is PARTIALLY
AIRBORNE in water drops! LOOK AT THE STUDIES!!! The face masks will help
somewhat. But even the CDC admits they are designed moreso to protect the
doctor from infecting the patient, NOT the other way around. For the best
protection, make sure you are cover head to toe, and most importantly have
a true nbc gas mask with new filter. Get bleach in a big sprayer to
disinfect yourself before disrobing.

lonefoxbushcraft says:

Why bleach ?

BacktoBasicsBushcraft S. says:

Ebola is scary for sure, the things is it’s not airborne, thank god, and
it’s transmitted through fluids so it is not highly contagious, thanks for
the very relevant video I will be buying some safety things for my family
just incase:D thanks a lot

LivingHistorySchool says:

rubber boots?

ThomasPaine3 says:

It is better to have the tool & not need it than to need the tool & not
have it.

JohnQPublic11 says:

Don’t eat African fauna for starters. Neutralize morons attempting to bring
the virus into country with extreme violence. Once the outbreak has been
verified napalm the infected site until all life ceases to exist.

Joe Primal says:

For those of you who are taking the ‘Ebola is not a threat in America’, and
‘Ebola is hard to catch’ line, keep in mind that both a doctor and a
hygienist caught it. Two people who knew what precautions to take and no
doubt took them. Also, Ebola can mutate, and it’s cousin Marburg is out
there somewhere. Marburg has proven it’s ability to spread in a northern
climate. And of course there’s the bird flu etc. The point being that
there are plenty of bugs out there and the equipment and precautions David
presents here are a defense against them all. In addition, all of this
equipment would also be useful in a nuclear emergency.
We are preppers, not psychics. We’re not about predicting the future,
we’re about being ready, come what may.
Enjoy your day everyone.

jan Penland says:

Southern Prepper 1, I have a question. When you are wearing either type of
N95, how long before you have to exchange it for a fresh one?

NordicBritPrepper says:

Great tips mate, not just for ebola but for all kinds of prevention and
outbreaks. Stuff over here usually costs more but small price to pay. all
the best, Robert


It’s in America right now. In Texas a man is infected by Ebola and has
supposedly infected 80 people already 

Arto Alanenpää says:

Some cover for your shoes! :) thats 10, thanks!

mary smith says:

all precautions are helpful but many diseases are getting around protective

TheShadowrider81 says:

ebola is not airborne as yet, so breathing apparatus is unnecessary. it
spreads thru direct contact with body fluids. blood most commonly since it
causes hemorrhaging from orifices and lesions on the body. another
possibility is a weaponized airborne strain released by those in service to
the so-called new world order. the elites in true control of the world. in
that case we’re all boned anyway.

Brandon James says:

Outlawed Spank…..a virologist told me that it may have given up
pathogenesis for the ability to “jump.” Which means it might be
airborne….which would support why so many trained health care providers
are dying.

Misty Prepper says:

Thank you, great info….. God Bless~

johnny mars says:

Good stuff to have for any pandemic.

FixedByDoc OffGrid says:

thanks for the cool find on the tyvek suits SP1 going to get some asap. as
a medical specialist and set to run a field aid station as I did in the
army these will come in handy.

Ricine says:

More afraid of getting rabies

andy pilman says:

Hopefully you’ll read this, if you have some spare time can you look up
ragged old flag by johnny cash on YouTube, I think you’ll really enjoy it.
It fits well with your previous videos of the guy with the flags on the

FirestormMovement says:

Regardless of what people say, tropical disease or not, diseases learn and
adapt to spread. This is the first time it was sent to our part of the
world. This is the first instance where we’re exposed. Anything helps and
people should be prepared to limit the spread. Great video, we need to
stock up on this while we can.

Joeslady Cc says:

Southerprepper1 thank you for the info, I learned from working in nursing
homes and nursing school, its very easy to come in contact with body fluids
in every day life that you don’t ever think about, in places you think are
clean but are not. People don’t seem to understand that washing your hands
and not touching ones face is the first line of protection and PPE’s are
the next. Door nobs, light switches, and furniture we set on in public
places, and microscopic splatter. We can’t go over board from fear. So that
means we hope for the best but prepare for the worst and PPE’s are so very
important, not only to protect oneself but as well as someone that is sick
to prevent secondary infections 

SciotoBuckeye7 says:

I like those thicker gloves. Added those to my Harbor Freight list for my
next trip there.

FuYing Bro says:

I need to get the stronger gloves like you have.

noncompliant1 says:

Also, make sure when you buy hand sanitizer you buy 70% or greater alcohol
content. If it is less it may not be effective. 

neil castell says:

your best defense against Ebola is not to travel to west Africa,
… terrorists would be far more likely to make a dirty bomb (which is
fairly easy) than mess about with a tropical disease, 

loganv0410 says:

CDC recommendations changed last week:
-Suspected Ebola – use N95 or P95 mask with exhalation valve.
-Confirmed patient – use N100 or P100 with exhalation valve and face seal

My professional opinion and experience is that N95’s without an exhalation
valve and face seal flange are so relatively ineffective that I won’t trust
NOTE: for a patient *never* use a mask with an exhalation valve. You
destroy the value of the isolation with a valve.

HisReturnIsNear777 says:

Great video! !!

Rhonda clark says:

WARNING illegals carry non drug restiant TB no cure…ISIS now in

General Banter™ says:

Fail to plan.. plan to fail… it’s low on the probability scale.. but is
in the realm of possibility! Well done.. pretty much matches mine! I have
the alcohol in the kit as well.. 

Jacob S. says:

I have one of those military masks too, however I do not know where to buy
filters for it. Any suggestions?

Nick Johnson says:

Ammonia, works better than bleach or alcohol as a disinfectant. Use full
strength, and never mix it w/bleach.

airdebster says:

David it doesn’t really matter if it’s ebola or some other
epidemic/pandemic, you are smart to prep for those items. I will say, I
heard the N95’s for ebola will be worthless. The 100’s are better or a
small respirator. I also read the goggles with an elastic band are not good
in a epidemic/pandemic, since they are hard to decontaminate the elastic
band. It is suggested to get plastic all the way. Just like a pair of sun
glasses. Thanks for the post as usual they are awesome. God bless you and
your family. Debbie A.

blizte3 says:

I could use xl xxl suits as big guy I can’t find my size often for gear

dimitri rusky says:

Every time Ebola is spread to another person it’s DNA can mutate up to two
times, one of those mutations is becoming airborne.

Jake Adams says:

BTW thanks for the pricing and bid upload

gemmint77 says:

Thanks for sharing. 

rfn944 says:

While you are sweating in your mask, suit, and gloves, what happens if you
get hungry?
Do you then cut a hole in the mask to shove the food in, or do you take the
mask off exposing yourself to the virus? What happens if the virus attacks
you while your suiting up? What if the person sending you that stuff has
Ebola themselves and contaminates everything? Seems like you would be
better off buying immune system strengthening products and find a secret
cave to stay in, away from everybody.

Donati2151233 says:

Ebola Trojan Horse Welcome in US. We used to be US citizens, but now we are
global servants.

Wes Truther says:

The same Government that created the Aids Virus and spread it from Africa
is the same Government that will spread the Ebola Virus throughout America
for Population Control- Research {“INDUSTRY WEAPONS” for the Earth’s
Depopulation]- There is no preparations but for a cruel and harsh death and
then came NIBIRU which will Kill most in America in Seconds to days- LOOK
THAT UP TOO People- If this comment is deleted I will have learned
something about Truth being skipped and danced around by anyone- Truther

DarkRaven324 says:


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