How To Prevent The Ebola Virus!

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Gas masks provide no real protection against Viruses!!
This is just to lower the chance but not by much.


dragonore2009 says:

You are correct sir, there seems to be a myth that goes around that gas masks protect against viruses. The gas mask does as you say, it lowers the chance of a virus getting inside you, but the reasons is because virus particles get trapped in the filter as would anything. That particular virus that gets caught in the filter you would of other-wised breathed in.

Ivan R says:

That filter ain't going to help for sh*t, buy a unsealed 40mm thread NATO filter and don't put it on the gas mask till you need it. Also that only protects your face and respiration, you need a DuPont protective suit.

Jonny Parker says:

what is this ??

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