How this Ebola outbreak became the worst we’ve ever seen

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The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more people than sum total of all the previous outbreaks since the virus was first identified in 1976. This video explains how it got so bad.

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NOBEL DJ says:

so create an international outbreak response system

Miki Seius says:

1000 died from Ebola. How many died of Aids? Cancer? Common cold?

Diana Ortiz says:

Sure, big corporate companies are all for exploiting developing countries but when it comes down to actually helping these countries, the cries for help fall on deaf ears.

TheColorfulPube says:

Spanish flu

concu cailon says:

Its so fuck up if we get the virus by doing nothing i would die if i eat the bush meat and get thevirus from it and that is alright but now we have to waiting for the virus will kill us by doing nothing , what a bull shit

Captain X says:

What if this hits syria or North Korea? Countries unstable as fuck will fall from this within a year.

Darla Munroe says:

What's the source on this? Good video, but I would like to know more about who put this together with what information.

Jo McIntire says:

Very clear warning of need for international colaboration.

Sloppy Joe says:

WHO is worse than useless, they are a danger to public health.

Tiago Joao says:

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Bip Bop says:

I don't want to seem mean but 2000 is nothing compared to the millions of people dying from malaria annually.

ice tjabbo says:

i think that people can make those diseases, the rich fuckers have money enough, they want to frighten people like why is it always Afrika? why always the poor countries?

Med Mahogany says:

But there is 2 Americans who were reached by Ebola in Africa and they have healed in America.HOW ??? Because they are Americans?? Is there anyone who can explain this to me? I need an answer.

Romeo Boucher says:

Watch this if you wanna get scared as shit

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