How people in protective gear can catch Ebola

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How can a healthcare worker wearing protective gear still be exposed to Ebola?CNN Chief Medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta suits up, and removes, the personal protective equipment that the CDC recommends for US health officials and hospitals when treating an Ebola patient.The simple steps and equipment leave plenty of room for possible error.Today’s must-see, must-share stories are in the daily speed feed. For more information please visit


Littlewhite Dick says:

Cat urine works for me. One cup every morning and nothing can git ya! I've never been sick in my life!

I London says:

So that's means someone else would have to take of the other personal protective gear however, who's going to take if that person gear, it can go on and on,

lmaoyourekiddingme says:

Gupta fucked up. You face your head downward when you take off the N 95, pull it down and away from you.

deborah michelle says:

This is not proper atire for ebola. Not even ppl who work with ebola would approach this virus using wstandard precautionary gear. This virus lives in contaminants for days, even after it's host has expired. Standard precautions is not enough. This is ebola zaire.

Marc Williams says:

We all dead this ebola is air borne tricky

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