How Nigeria Avoided An Ebola Outbreak

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Nigeria and Senegal have been able to keep themselves free of the fatally dangerous ebola disease spread, stopping a massive urban outbreak in one of the largest cities in the entire continent of Africa. How? It wasn’t a quick-fix, but constant vigilance. Kim Horcher, John Iadarola, and Andy Riesmeyer (Host of Dweebcast) discuss!

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Daeron II Targaryen says:

I'm sorry but I couldn't help laughing at the pronunciation of Lagos. Also, it would help if you didn't refer to Africa as though it is one country when talking about Ebola as it has only reached epidemic levels in three countries. By the way there are elections taking place early next year in Nigeria.

Titi Are says:

These young people are trying but obviously know nothing of Ebola or Africa…let alone Nigeria. I nearly fainted when they said West African infrastructure is what's helping contain this Ebola. It's the fearless constitution of the African people fighting this…using what they have to its fullest capacity.

WhirlingWolves says:

ebola aint shit

WhirlingWolves says:

Fuck Ebola, fuck the coverage of it. like 2 ppl in a country of 300,000,000 have it. CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

naliuj says:

what misteps did the cdc take?

vmah0111 says:

Nigeria is also the home of many wealthy princes!

Mudoh415 says:

Nerd Alert got a wee bit political today. I loved it. Great reporting guys. 

Urhoboman5 says:

1. Props to the Nigerian govt. and medical team for being able to keep this from spreading.
2. I'm still skeptical as to how this virus spread across three to six countries all at once. Especially considering how many of these west African nations have very VERY high birth rates. Hmmm.
3. Sorry to be nit-picky but 00:21 Layh-gose or Layh-guss is how many Nigerians pronounce it. Every Nigerian I've ever met has pronounced it in that manner. 😉
4. Good report.

forgothispassword says:

Again, countries like Ghana didn't get Ebola yet the disease hopped from a a country at West over to Nigeria at the east of Ghana??? I'm just being open minded it's all population control and politics

forgothispassword says:

Nigeria are Ebola free because they kicked out red cross. You're telling me eating bush meat causes Ebola yet ppl have been eating bush meat for centuries? The news chat shit, probably a man made disease

afrikoka says:

Good job Nigeria. Pat on the head…

Marcus Penny says:

What happens if a taco bell cashier   gets Ebola and comes to work thinking they have a cold or flue they touch everything. people in Africa don't frequent fast food places like we do there are many ways we come in contact with things other people touch. I worked at USP had the flue threw up on a bunch of boxes that went out to people I pleaded for them to re box that stuff and  I was appalled they didn't re box that stuff. America is the worst place for something like this we are not the same as a 3rd world country.

1bentley4ever says:

Correction: Nigeria IS the most populous nation in Africa. 

Titus Orelius says:

All this praise of Nigeria for being able to contain and eliminate Ebola seems similar to when sheltered people encounter a black person and are surprised that he does not speak slang and they then praise him for being so "articulate".  It's like a backhanded compliment because it due to low expectations.

Just doesn't feel like it's as positive as it seems on the surface.

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