Hospital Launches Ebola Drill

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HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — Pardee Hospital conducted a day-long Ebola drill Thursday so staff could be ready in a patient walks in presenting a case of the deadly virus.

“When it happens you need to be prepared and that’s not the time to be searching for personal protection equipment, deciding where you’re going to put these patients,” Dr. Robert Kiskaddon said.

Pardee staff said they considered the drill a success. The healthcare workers also say it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever confront of a case of the hemorrhagic fever, but if it happens they want to be ready. Ten staffers have volunteered to be trained to handle an Ebola case at Pardee, and their training was tested Thursday morning.

As part of the drill, doctors and nurses had to diagnose the patient presenting symptoms in the emergency room, then take them through the proper hallways to the area of the building that will act as the isolation unit.

During another part of the drill, doctors and nurses practiced suiting up and taking off their personal protective gear from the mask to the bodysuit and down to the gloves.

“The involuntarily things that you do what would contaminate yourself as you’re taking off this gown,” Dr. Kiskaddon said. “It looks easy – it’s not.”

Hospital officials say they also said they’re constantly updating their procedure – nearly daily – just as the CDC keeps updating their recommendations.


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