Homeopathic Ebola

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I have seen a lot of uneducated people here on the internet promoting dangerous woo that has the potential of doing real harm. Everything from suggesting that cancer sufferers should try Ozone therapy, to promoting the idea that HIV can’t be transmitted through heterosexual sex. But unbelievably, I have found something that makes these two examples pale in comparison. A man telling people to make their own homeopathic ebola

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Unbelievably Dangerous Woo

Blood, Bats and Ebola! History of Infection #18

Cancer sufferers should try Ozone therapy
HIV can’t be transmitted through heterosexual sex

Natural News
Treating Ebola with Homeopathy

“Dreams Become Real” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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“Hep Cats” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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rr po says:

So let me get this straight, you are saying homeopathy uses some thing that would cause the body to react to ebola or any disease similar to the reaction to the disease itself. So you mean like a vaccination, where the body would react to the vaccination like it does to the disease itself. So what are you saying that homeopathic therapy like a vaccination can be used to bolster the immunity to the disease and eradicate the disease from the body.
Now, I see. You and your cronies want to keep all of the healing and its profits in your pockets, so you keep on berating possible treatments and cures. So, that is why the FDA says that it is the only one that can define cures for diseases. Also, we the people know that there hasn't been a true cure for any disease since penicillin; by the way a natural bread mold.

Enikő Regényi says:

Actually I heard a very interesting story on homeopathy's idea of diluting everything.
A long time ago, when there was a new medicine for malaria, soldiers got the pills first. It had worked well against malaria, but they felt very sick of it (headaches, stomach problems and such). After a while, they found out, that if they broke the pill, and took one half in the morning, the other in the evening, it still worked, but with less side effects. They broke it again, and took only a quater. (etc)
Back then, medicines were not tested as carefully as nowdays, thus the pills contained about 100 times more than the affective dose. So in that particular case, dilution was actually the solution.
Then someone thought hmmm…. infinite dilution… That's how medicine's made.
I don't know, if its the true origin of homeopathy, but I think its an interesting explanation.

(A chemical engineer told me this, she took a class "medicine", where it was mentioned. My story misses actual data about the malaria pill, I'm sorry for that)

MsDjessa says:

James Randi sometimes consumes an "overdose" of these "medicines" to show they have no effect what so ever.

Elites Engineering says:

I misread the title couple of times. "Homophobic Ebola" I was like "wut?" xD, my bad.

blaze armoru says:

Ok… So I have an honest curious and disgusting question.

Do you think beliefs/ideas might also be subject to an evolution type system? That is to say, "No life-form on Earth either lives or dies in vain. Because the fact that you die from some virus removes your gene-pool from what remains on the Earth, so that those who did not die from it have the immunity to it allowing them to continue forward." but with beliefs instead of genes.

A friend kept saying let evolution do it's work and I keep saying that's not how evolution works but, bio evolution might not be the only thing subject to evolution. :x

Drew Lawrence says:

So…6 thumbs-down….presumably homeopathic practitioners of quackery!

Great presentation, subscribed and liked :D

Josh NOlan says:

remarkable. O.O

MisterTutor2010 says:

Homeopathic Birth Control: Giving a blowjob to a guy with a low sperm count :)

Ian Shultzaberger says:

Poe's law perhaps?

EnterSailor says:

I think the person who wrote that blog post is actually just a really lazy super villain.

krissander1 says:

Ah its funny watching you correct a homeopath, so they can be a better homeopath. I did not see that coming lol.

Valen Dreugh says:

Short version of this "cure": Drink water laced with a tiny amount of ebola. Keep doing so until you feel better, then keep doing so. Then go ahead and give this ebola water to all your friends and family, and tell them to do the same.

ytmoog says:

Unfortunately not the worst thing that happened around the Ebola outbreak.
One church went over there to 'help' treat Ebola patients with MMS (aka bleach). Giving Ebola patients bleach is one of the most insane things I could have imagined.
Mr Humble has a lot to answer for.

xxhellspawnedxx says:

Isn't wanton endangerment of others' health or life a criminal offense in most western countries? Carrying and handling, or encouraging others to carry and handle, a highly infectious agent without proper training and certification, and green light/supervision from a relevant national institute?

This guy should be put away, is my point.

Manuel J. says:

Sometimes, reading crap like Ken's blog post, I feel like we're back in the middle age. Leeches and bloodlettings all over again. What the f*ck is going on with alt med nowadays?!?

scoterf says:

Hmm why am i only seeing this video now, maybe i need to mash the subscribe button harder.

Sounds like a Homeopathic solution though :s

Lindsey Miller says:

So when someone gives out medical advice like this, isn't it against the law?  I mean, I can't just run out and give medical advice in an office without a license.  One hopes that Ken is arrested if one person gets sick from doing this.

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