HIV's long history. A History of Infection #3

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A History of Infection part 3! This time is a look at HIV’s early history and how it gets inside your cells. Hope you enjoy it and remember to subscribe to follow the series along. Pro tip, don’t look up gonorrhoea while eating.


Sunli Ganghi says:

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John Konrad says:

Great video, but wish you talked more about ZR59 and DR60 (2 earliest cases from DRC dated around 1959). Just creepy to think it was lurking around as far back as 1959

CraniumOnEmpty says:

Didn't they show that David Carr didn't have AIDS back in 95?… Oh, you just said that. Ignore this.

June28July says:

Dirty, nasty virus! Fuck you!

JimTheEvo says:

Barring any sort of miracle showing that the past 20+ years of HIV research is largely wrong I will never respect you position, a position which has been demonstrated to actively lead to the meaningless death of thousands of people, that is what your 'side' has to confront and I hope that day comes sooner than later as enough people of thrown away their lives believing in this absurdity.

John Mingolla says:

I don't have any disease. I am a free thinker looking for truth. I have seen my friends die one after the other from 1984 to 93. I can tell you this from experience. The AZT they were given killed every one of them within 2-3 years except for one who stopped the deadly AZT for 7 years. He is still alive today. So now you will say, Oh but the chemo is not as toxic today. This is my position so respect it. Misinformation? It exists on both sides that's for sure.

JimTheEvo says:

First paper I looked at had purified HIV particles and TSEM (electron microscope) images.
Characterization of highly purified, inactivated HIV-1 particles isolated by anion exchange chromatography. Richieri SP et al. I do not think I am quick to 'shit' on anyone, I will happily be accused of been forthwith on ideas and principles which I believe and have evidence for, while misinformation are literally killing people. Having a disease doesn't make your opinion any more valid.

John Mingolla says:

Lets talk about evidence then. Can you produce the electron microscopic data which COMPLETELY isolates/purifies HIV?
You call people like me "denialist" the right word here is realist.
I took an interest in this because I owe it to the friends I lost. You don't seem to understand and are quick to shit on people who don't share your opinion. That's due to your inexperience I would say. There are well intentioned intelligent people on both sides. The sooner we work together the better.

JimTheEvo says:

Dr. Peter Deusberg believes that drug use and sexual promiscuity cause aids, both have been disproven, the former might make some sense but is disproven and the latter only seems like bigoted opinion. I wholeheartedly disagree that there is reasonable doubt, there is only manufactured doubt. The right to hold a dissenting opinion in science is only valid as long as you have a counter theory which explains the evidence better, which aids denialist do not have.

John Mingolla says:

The sources are there in the documentary. I would say there is reasonable doubt here. Why are experts like Dr. Peter Deusberg
dense and your sources right? You have to be blind to see that there is only one side to this.

JimTheEvo says:

I have seen house of numbers and it is absolute crap. Could you give me some sort of source for the claims made? Science and truth are not dictated by the opinion of 'experts' and nobel laureates are not demi-gods of science. They can be just as dense as everyone else.

John Mingolla says:

Why does the mainstream media hide the other side of HIV/AIDS?
Conspiracy science, you say? Think again!

John Mingolla says:

If HIV causes AIDS why are there many thousands who have AIDS and test negative for HIV? Why are there over 5,000 (and counting) experts, some Nobel laureates who are blowing the whistle on the HIV =AIDS orthodoxy?
Did you see "House of Numbers" here on YouTube?

christo930 says:

I wish you would do a few more videos about HIV and aids and explain it in way that laymen understand.
Also, what do you think of the ethics of a woman getting pregnant if she already knows she has HIV or aids? Maybe you could do a video on ethics of aids. There seems to be a lot going on within certain communities about aids that has some serious ethics questions.

JimTheEvo says:

Thanks for letting me know you enjoy them, length is always an issue. I try to make them under 10 mins preferably between 6-8 but its not always possible. I am toying with the idea of doing a extra bit for each correcting mistakes and going into more details.

JimTheEvo says:

That's a good question, not any that spring to mind but I'll have a think and a look around.

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