Hagel: Mandatory Ebola quarantine for military

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Chuck Hagel has ordered a mandatory 21-day quarantine for U.S. military members returning from Ebola-stricken areas.


Nitron DSP says:

So the military was more democratic than the government? Hail King Obama,
protector of nurse’s rights and defiler of the public!

Arch Yeomans says:

POS Hagel needs to have Ebola shoved up his ass. Biggest douchebag in the
military. He’s definitely not about the troops.

Ron Simmons says:

It Stinks in here….. smells like BULLSHIT! 

Onder Koffer II says:

Like i said a couple of days ago….
They fly every “boko ebola member” to the US,but the militairy need to be
in quarintine in foren countries?

NewportDispatch says:

What’s wrong with this guys eyes? Is it just lack of sleep? Seriously. 

rtornellort says:

Hagel: Mandatory Ebola quarantine for military: http://youtu.be/j1-_XJyHVn8

NeferkariSetElf says:

“Hagel: Mandatory Ebola quarantine for military”: so you can authorize
American troops to go ‘fight’ that Ebola virus but just

Cannot afford to secure America’s borders which may all be fine by you
non-representatives of any country’s national needs 

ZIG ZAG says:

========== NEW WORLD ORDER ! ” Guinea PIG’s ” Slave’s ============

Truth Winsify says:

Dear Ebola. You are a hoax. Sincerely, someone trying wake up more

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