Guinea: This Russian mobile lab could solve Guinea’s Ebola crisis

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Video ID: 20140822-023 W/S Plane carrying Russian scientists and mobile laboratory M/S Officials and Russian team outside plane M/S KAMAZ truck containing mo…


Steel CAD says:

America wont like this , it’s Aid?

Sam Frodo says:

….while American President allowed to test on people his bio-vaccines,
spreading virus and eliminate people,..once again Russia saving the world

Victor Leibenko says:
Victor Leibenko says:
Ruptly TV says:

The current Ebola epidemic has taken 1,229 lives and infected a further
2,240 who are under quarantine in hospitals right through Guinea, Nigeria,
Liberia, and Sierra-Leone.
#ebolavirus #ebolaoutbreak #ebolaoutbreak2014 #ebolafacts #guinea 

undeadpresident says:

Wow that would be great if they could cure the outbreak.

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