Guinea races to trace contacts after Ebola deaths

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Guinea’s health ministry is racing to trace people who might have come in contact with Ebola patients and distribute vaccines, after confirming seven infections and four deaths from the disease.
An emergency team of health workers from the World Health Organization, Doctors without Borders and the government is travelling to the region of Nzerekore, after a nurse died of the virus in late January.

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from Dakar in Senegal.

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Rajwantee Sunset says:

2013 epidemic was predicted by Bill Gates, vaccine and sequencing was done back then. Recurring bill gates

kai eidon تقديس says:

Bush meat is no bueno

evil doers says:

Lock that place down no one comes or goes close all airport no planes what so ever

Abhiraj singh Jaswal says:

But now covid 19 cases are very low in the whole world

Xp Lee says:

WTF?! Zero ebola vaccines are actually in the region where there's now been 2 ebola outbreaks?!

crystal harris says:


Aloe Vera says:

just nuke everything, i am sick of it.

Captain Swing says:

What is wrong with media & science. Too many things are fundamentally wrong with the world we live in now. From Ebola to covid with different strains, to lockdowns & hunger & increased poverty. Kill every1 already….😜

adel says:

africa is poor continent.may god bless you.😔

Drelma Jacobs says:

Oh God have mercy. In the name of Jesus stop it.

Abraham Tsfaye says:

The country has so much natural resources but it is badly managed.

Easy Peasy says:

Black lives matter👍🏽


There is nothing to Panic about here. We have vaccine for Ebola and there are drugs that can be used for Ebola treatment.

Larsson says:

hi ebola long time no see

Kailani _ says:

I hope my country closes the borders like last time 🇬🇼

Rhea Kumar says:

Im scared hope they get through this hope borders are closed for my country lol

Dementia Joe says:

We need to stop all flights from sub-Saharan Africa until this threat is contained.

DJSwezzleMusic says:

Oh dear that's a shame nevermind.

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John Daniel Esguerra says:

What if after this, a new strain of COVID-19 that has some properties of the Ebola virus?

david legit says:

If the Ebola went to all around the world, we would already have Ebola vaccine :O

Momosuke Star Corporation says:



No no no pls don't come to India

Juan Fe Peña Rivera says:

only Jesuchrist save he is the eternal life . not images ,not money , not persons , not temples , not religions , not politics

read in the holy bible Romans 10 : 9 and 10 , st John 11 : 25 , st john 3 : 16 🌺🌷🌿🍂🙏

le Arsene show says:

Its back 😭

Lance Mikee Castillo says:

The people in that place MUST act fast and decisively.

Edu Wino says:

these jokers should stop eating bush meat

escalate 100 says:

Hope they get through this

Rodger Bloor says:

Double Pandemic. Can't beleive this. 😨

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