GTA 5 Online: Ebola Effects vs UTM

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Scoreboards! All I have to say is Good Game and it was fun. Also they are going to try to expose us for some excuse of they lost 😂😐 but y’all have bad sportsmanship and Gasai u a crybaby and GG to Phenomenal (They Only Hope)


Clipzie ™ says:

Gs sub back

6sv says:

If Habzie was there I'd run up and shoot they legs , with my leg Shootas in sight ! Scary sight !

OG Clawing says:

We back, UTMK fuck Gasai.

weekellz says:

Yeh GG guys last game was some Bullshit though I hope for a rematch soon???

Puyr no. says:

Good shit boys :P

vMadara lV says:

Gs decap bebe❤️

v AirHawk v says:

Gshit Ebola 😆 we back

OG Executionz says:

Wtf i cant even see the score but Gshit

Devour says:

😮😮😮 Can JTRG beat them?

GloriousBullet says:

Yea thats a Rip. Gs

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