Graphics of how Ebola virus formed and spread

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Doctors Without Borders says the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is unprecedented and out of control.


Gavin Henkel says:

They made a cure

Bill Briggs says:

It take up blood and sck it in tipe. Call vine tipe.

Patrick O'Connor says:

What?? Did he just microwave his equipment?

MadCat 741 says:

Key words: spread through bodily fluids. Ebola is not airborne. As long as you aren't having getting a rusty trombone from a Liberian prostitute, you're fine.

Terrifying World says:

If any of you are interested in learning more about Ebola and other infectious disease epidemics, please check out our videos and subscribe! We are brand new, so we only have a couple of videos up but we have already filmed a ton of them and they are waiting to go up every week! So check it out and subscribe! Thank you! 

R19N says:

im scared for this outbreak

radicalteh says:

thestar has changed its voice…it's really annoying to try to put up a european accent, it's blurry and unnatural.

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