God help us: a day on duty with Liberia’s doctors fighting Ebola

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Liberia’s exhausted doctors are struggling to cope with the number of Ebola cases, which has far outstripped the capacity of the country’s war-ravaged health service. Nearly half the patients…


Richard Raspberry says:

Lord please deliver these people from this outbreak and bless the doctors
with ears to your wisdom. Amen.

Cynthia Kelly says:

Thanks to all the medical staffs taking care of the #Ebola patients.

Danny Wilten says:


Mark Kempton says:

Hell on earth

AgentGodzillaRangerPrime1701 says:

And this is why things are so shitty

Mohd Nazreen Abdul Rahman says:

eat more bushmeat ….

Bob Siemion says:

The US has the patent on the Ebola virus, do you think this is part of
AGENDA 21, the depopulation of the world.

mainmotto says:

God help us all! Everyone prepare! Grab the thickest plastic and tape you
can find, get lots of food and water, large candles, ammo, tissue, buckets,
cleaning supply, vitamins, medicines, first aid, in-house generator powered
by car batteries, board and seal yourself away when this shit hits

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