#GME | An experimental Ebola treatment has been deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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#GME | An experimental Ebola treatment has been deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are joined by Florent Del Pinto, the Head of Emergency Operations for the International Federation of Red Cross.



Richard Goode says:

A provide of progress to a non point.

roxanneworld11 says:

i don't get it, even as – esp., as, a licensed health care practitioner: and yes, i know about rules, regulations and laws being different in different nations, etc.

but none of that explains why all of a sudden it's ok to give the everyday householders an experimental drug? when, just a handful of years ago several doctors who got exposed to ebola while working out in the field, they were each given a drug right away, btw, which worked! and they were all from different countries and working in africa.

so, why were "their* lives deemed more valuable than the lives of those who they seemed to want to help?? why were laws not tossed out the window for those people, too?? truly disgraceful, no matter what 'explanation' is/was given.

just more evidence of a two tiered justice system when it comes to what is allowed re: health care practices..i mean, what is the point when elitism is applied to who benefits from health care treatments?? if it works for the doctors there is always a way to get it to the patients, too – esp., we when there are or at least appear to be no other options! when it's the difference between the person dying for sure and at least trying to help them with one final option…just smh.

Richard Ralph Roehl says:

Maybe Ebola is not bad news. The disease, if left unchecked, might slow down the ongoing Muslim INVASION of Europe from Africa and the Mideast.

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