GGN: Ebola Precedes Africa Ops, Vaccine Resistors to Be Educated, Spring Blizzard Coming

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BystanderWitnessed says:

Thank you Darko….been missing your work since you had taken a break… wonder what was the 'hindsight' premise to release their own video for the inward sweating guvmnt thuglets that used the 'flashbang' as a go ahead to murder a homeless(engineered to be) man…

FlyingAxblade says:

@11:20~~a good reason to carry a big knife & be trained with it too–to cut through accidental tazering cords!

FlyingAxblade says:

@8:30~~cursed are those who make their babies pass through the fire…or something like that, hmm, who is afraid of the Curse of the Mummy?
& if so, why not be afraid of the most documented God on the planet?  I am no jew lover BTW.  so don't troll me.  I'll turn you to stone.

FlyingAxblade says:

ExperimentalVaccines just Uploaded A Video!

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