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Ebola is spreading in the US; Deputy Sheriff in Texas now showing symptoms; Australia?; Still we are do nothing to contain it.


1972martind28 says:

Agenda 21 is being stopped

Kevin S says:

Most of the sheeple are more worried about the latest ball game or fake reality shows on TV than whats going on in our world. They won't pay attention until it's too late.

kate_loves_Christ says:

"Kafka" – you are NOT alone in your Frustration — Yes, we ARE being to /  NOT securing borders, Duncan's apartment, etc.  this IS Depopulation ala 'Georgia Guide stones' / NWO —–    Please believe in Jesus Christ  Today!!!
"Christ died for our sins  -according to the scriptures: And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the scriptures" 1 Cor.15: 1-4

Alexander Daly says:

It's all bullshit, and it's bad for you people.

FlankerVT says:

We are fucked.

TheBackwoodLink says:

@shaun gibson There has been no news of Ebola striking people of Scotland here in the US. Maybe "all the hoopla" coming from Americans concerning Ebola being "an American Issue" is because IT IS an issue for Americans who BTW are always expected to SAVE THE FUCKING WORLD and FIGHT OTHER COUNTRY'S BATTLES for them. Two things are needed for the USA. Quarantine Africa NOW and allow the ISIS/ISIL idiots to kill each other off so their gods can sort them out.

Missy West says:

is this Ebola scare any more true than the terrorist scares? Personally I am unsure. Either way there is no point feeding the fear and paranoia, we know they feed on spreading fear even more than any real threat of anything. It was fear that allowed all those crazy laws to be passed in the first place (fear and corporate/crony capitalism interests. Greed and power lust and all their manipulation, illusions, lies, trickery, false flag events, deception). No more 'divide and conquer', no more low frequency (fear) control techniques…unite and remember our human values- shelter, clean water and food and EACH OTHER!! They have created environment and value systems than have gone against the very basic human values and its time to change this….together!

chad24ist says:

Ebola is living organism and it's main function is to reproduce. This virus does not want to kill it's host strait away. It wants a mean of infecting other hosts. It would not surprise me if the virus was airborne. The governments of the world will never let you know the truth. In WW2 the V2 was blamed on gas leaks. Thanks for the info. Take care

tvercetti1 says:


Ian Hargraves says:

Think about this PLEASE:  Obama is hell bent on destroying America. He was in MHO planted here by the enemy.     Take just one would be suicide bomber from the Jihadist movement.  Book him on a plane to New York,  the day before he leaves West Africa, make him play with an EBOLA VICTIM. Send him on his way to New York, he will pass all the medicals supposedly in place.  In about 10 days he will be ripe to pass on the infection. Get one of the Islamic "Sleepers" in New York to supply and fit him with an explosive belt and take him to Grand Central Station and detonate him in rush hour.  Everyone around would be instantly covered in Ebola body fluids including hundreds of cops, fire and rescue people.  Just one Ebola infected Jihadist!      And remember, he would fill out a form saying he was not in contact with an Ebola victim!  STOP ALL THESE PEOPLE BEFORE THEY CATCH A PLANE TO AMERICA OR MEXICO WHERE THEY CAN SLIP ACROSS THE BORDER COURTESY OF ISLAMAOBAMA!

Raggy Tigger says:

we all know WHY …. this happening, the real question is, what are we going to do about it, what are our contingency plans? banging on about why aren't the government doing anything to stop this is just a waste of time, because we already know the answer to that question, we are about to be culled, on mass!
instead of bitching about it, we need to work together to survive, and have a game plan, it's the only way to get through, from having a hiding place away from your home, to bugging out to a place where you can be safe for a few months, so lets come up with tips and ideas people.

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