French President Hollande arrives in Guinea, visits hospital

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French President Francois Hollande brought a message of hope to Guinea on Friday, where thousands of residents lined the roads to catch a glimpse of the first Western leader to visit a country hit hard by Ebola.
Guinea’s President greeted his French counterpart at the airport and said that if Hollande could visit the country, then anybody could.
Hollande also visited Donka hospital in Conakry, where crowds of staff waited outside to great the presidential convoy.
This epidemic has presented challenges never seen before, including infecting thousands in cities, where it has whipped around populations faster than doctors have been able to keep up, while also hitting remote areas, where it has been difficult to send help.
This has forced a new kind of response: larger treatment centres than ever before seen but also an increasing need for smaller, stripped-down care centres and rapid-response teams that can be flown into remote areas.
The response has been stymied by the task of transporting potentially infectious blood samples long distances on poor roads.
The UN’s World Health Organisation last week declared the outbreak in Guinea had “stabilised.”
It has reported 1,260 deaths from 2,134 cases.
However Oxfam-France on Thursday said that there is little or no reliable information about the epidemic in rural areas.
Ebola has ravaged three West African countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – infecting nearly 16-thousand people, making it by far the largest Ebola outbreak in history.

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