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Fox News Reports On EBOLA Freakout | What’s Trending Now | Ebola Videos

Fox News Reports On EBOLA Freakout | What’s Trending Now

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Are you freaking out about Ebola?? Shep Smith from Fox News explains why we all need to calm the heck down. You know things are getting out of hand when Fox News becomes the voice of reason, right? Subscribe for more videos! http://full.sc/NfhdwD

Shep Smith on Ebola: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2KBfynW09I

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Allen Smith says:

This is like Chicken Little giving a speech to the public about not believing the sky is falling. Both right and left media outlets are responsible for the completely irresponsible fear mongering over the ebola issue.  As long as the news continues to chase advertising dollars nothing will change.  

elchamber says:

It's just weird that these two nurses just happened to end up taking a flight after helping a person with Ebola. Just hilariously weird and possibly irresponsible.

Dan7974 says:

yes let's get a flu shot, the very thing we should all avoid. wake up to the truth people

Pepper Conchobhar says:

I am not concerned about Ebola. I'm concerned about the incompetent way that the CDC is 'managing' Ebola. They are not being forthright and their 'Baghdad Bob' impression is not helping the situation.

We have two infected healthcare workers because of the lack of leadership.

In a way, that bothered me much more. See, before, I thought they were just playing 'Baghdad Bob' to try to keep everyone calm. It was insulting and annoying, but I did believe that they had it under control.

But it turns out that NO… they really are that stupid. They're so stupid that they couldn't talk a hospital through the care of one patient. They completely underestimated this bug and now two women have a 50/50 shot at seeing the New Year.

What terrifies me more than their stupidity? The public seeing the incompetence and loosing faith in their leadership. That's when people take matters into their own hands. And that's when the panic over 3-6 cases can turn a nation on its butt.

Stop trying to calm us down and tell us how you're actually going to FIX the freaking problem. People are calling for clear, concise leadership and they're getting a clown show. Half the articles about how this has been managed read like something from the Onion. This is not the fault of the alarmist media. This is bureaucratic incompetence.

They need to get it together fast and restore faith.

Ace Angel says:

Yolo, don't care.

Felix Acosta says:

Lol we need to get that guy out of fox news, he might actually be good at reporting real news!!

Moe Crunch says:


EM3 says:

fuck fox news

biro24 says:

It's man made in the USA. About time somebody in the USA tells the rest of the world not to worry! American will fix it all by sending troops to your country ( west Africa) only if you have oil tho 😭

What's Trending says:

Are you afraid of Ebola?

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