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Fox News: Ebola Will Spread Because Africans See Witch Doctors! | Ebola Videos

Fox News: Ebola Will Spread Because Africans See Witch Doctors!

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Fox News host Andrea Tantaros says we can’t trust Africans to get treatment fro Ebola because they go to “witch doctors”…

Cliff Schecter joins us to discuss…

This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM

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Warren Feagins says:

Harris, "Alright.' WTF???

eazyezwife says:

What a goofy ass bitch…this is Fox's M.O. though-a fucking festival of ignorance. 

douchebag666master says:

Tantaros is Greek for idiot.

rusty505whp says:

I'd let her blow me:)

one-scientist's-pov says:

Seder in his stupid arrogant clowns in the studio; Ebola infected individuals can develope symptoms of infection 5 – 21 days after the intial viral infection.  Tantaros is suggesting once an individual notices symptoms while onboard a plane or upon arrival, he or she may seek out a witch doctor within the U.S. if the infected individuals happens to be from an African village.

Tantaros statements are implicit not explicit, you arrogant bafoons.

Who the hell are you to say what members of the Filovirus can or cannot do? 

Most of the pandemic outbreaks in the last century originated from the Asiatic continent, dimwits.  Why, some classes of viruses can infect more than one type of host. In the case of the 20th century pandemics, it was swine ( porcine ) that served as the intermediate reservoir host that allowed avian viral genes and porcine viral genes to recombine in a virus that infected humans who lived in close proximity of both types of animals, arrogant embeciles.

A Filovirus can acquire the appropriate glyprotein saccharides through nucleotide base mutation and modification of provirus protein glycosylation that can allow such a virus to infect humans via airborne aerosols via binding to human mucosal surface membrane sialic acid.

John Spencer says:

You're trying to say their local doctors are all they've got. Then explain the Kenema ebola riot.

I Braveheart says:

This reminded me of a funny episode from south park. RETARD ALERT! RETARD ALERT CLASS!  

I Braveheart says:

It's funny because I really am not surprised. Someone from fox news says something really retarded…What else is new?  

MikeDunn says:

Obama sent US troops to Ebola locations in Africa, yet Israel was too smart for that.

MikeDunn says:

African dictators have more sense than our dictator (Obama).  They are not allowing people to fly to/from Ebola hot zones.

Corey Wayne says:

I go to "witch doctors" in the Amazon. Waaaay better healing than the Western Medical system.

Maguel83 says:

Sadly they see witch doctors and one witch doctor was promoting to have powers to cure ebola and saw folks, caught ebola her self and died.From the beginning there has been attacks on aid workers and hospitals. You guys are becoming stupider every day :(

Miguel Nieves says:

You know a solution to it all CLOSE ALL FLIGHTS FROM AFRICA AND bam no problems

Mudhar Hadi says:

My Yellow Pages – "Witch Doctor Section" is missing :( – Can somebody help please…

Babak G says:

Is it just me or at 2:45 does her expression not give away that she knows shes lying. Everyone at that station is trained to lie they are knowing and willing liars they know what they are doing!

Nick Tortelli says:

FOX news viewers = special kind of stupid.

Charles Carroll says:

Tantaros is absolutely right.  Sam Seder and the CNN morons should learn to actually read.  http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/561558/20140804/ebola-outbreak-witch-doctors-virus-western-conspiracy.htm#.VDM3M_ldV8E

Pat Doyle says:

Witch doctor = Faith healer, which I would bet anything FOX would support.

Bolgernow says:

FOX thinks the periodic table is a place where young women menstruate
They are to be taken about as seriously as an "80's morning Shock Jock"

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