Flu Season Causing Ebola Confusion: Know the Symptoms

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–The differences between Ebola and Flu symptoms


–On the Bonus Show: A French man dies after taking 56 shots, a Halloween black cat adoption ban, an affordable 3d printer, more…

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klondike444 says:

Why are people in Oklahoma worrying about Ebola?

DumbAssLoser says:

Influenza killed my sister in '09. I take flu quite seriously.

Feminazi Frequency says:

Consider this also – the Flu will kill substantially more people in America this year alone than Ebola probably ever will across the world, so calm your tits people. Ebola ain't gonna get you.

SuperEvilC says:

Hemp oil is a natural cure for Ebola! 

William Gahres says:

Wow.  People are fucking stupid!  Take vitamins, centrum silver, to build up immune systems, over the counter cold and flu!  Where've they been, Jupiter?!

TheDajamster says:

The ultimate difference between the one person to die of this in the USA and all of those who recovered – immediate access to health care!   Our biggest vulnerability lies in the sad fact that when poor people with no coverage walk into an ER they are frequently sent away with antibiotics that are useless against a virus.  If a major outbreak does occur, it will be because the medical industry puts profits before people.

dandiehl1948 says:

you catch Ebola by listening to Fox News

TheDajamster says:

I recall reading somewhere that hiccups were part of the ebola symptoms, but I've not read anything else that said this, so I'm guessing that was a hoax.

TheyCallMeGawd says:

Why do fools fall in love?
To reproduce and outnumber us…

Timefliesbye says:

Idiots! This planet is nothing but idiots! I will now divert all my attention to finishing my doomsday device.

This has crossed a line!

Francois G says:

Stupidity Causing Ebola Confusion: Know the difference (and watch the news) 

Swami Amala says:

Oklahoma breeds idiots.

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