Five Facts | Ebola

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This is my new series called fun fact monday. This new series brings with it the first epsiode about ebola. This is just 5 facts about ebola. With all the eb…


Aku Saarikko says:

This series is a good idea! Continue the good videos.

PringleTheOne says:

HAH that first one is to true, that shit reminds me of MRSA, man… dudes
in school were thinkin you can get MRSA from just using someone else’s

hardfingerz70 says:

Ebola is air bourne government created it!!!!

TroniX says:

First and good video

TheChosen1inc | Youtube Commentator says:

My New Series Call Fun Fact Monday. This week were talking about ebola
#ebola #facts #factsonebola

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