First European Ebola patient arrives in Spain

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Miguel Pajares, an elderly Spanish priest, could be treated with US experimental drug ZMapp being used on two infected American aid workers, but US says serum not yet proven effective.

The first European victim of the West African Ebola outbreak arrived in Spain on Thursday morning and was rushed to a Madrid hospital, officials said, as hopes rose that a US experimental vaccine could soon be available for wider treatment.

Miguel Pajares, 75, who was said to be in a stable condition, was helping to treat Ebola patients in the Liberian capital Monrovia when he tested positive for the deadly virus earlier this week.

He was swiftly flown to Spain in a medically equipped Airbus 310 along with a colleague, Juliana Bohi, a nun from Equatorial Guinea with Spanish nationality who is to be retested for the disease after a negative result in Liberia.

Their evacuation came as Liberia and Sierra Leone imposed states of emergency over the outbreak, which has killed almost 1000 people and spread fear through much of West Africa. In Liberia, the dead lay in the streets, many of those infected regarding Ebola treatment units as death traps. Sierra Leone sent troops to guard hospitals and clinics handling Ebola cases.

Spain said the arrival of an Ebola patient in the country presented minimal risk to public health. The pair landed amid high security at a military air base near the capital and were transferred into ambulances on stretchers enclosed in transparent tents, pushed by medical staff wearing protective suits. They were then taken to La Paz hospital accompanied by a police escort.

There they were being kept in isolation at the Carlos III centre, which has cleared out the entire six floor for the two patients. The priest, who has spent five decades working as a missionary in Liberia, will be treated by only two medical professionals in an effort to contain the virus.

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james dodenc says:

Wow… Just as if he's a nuclear bomb.

Gordon Woodroffe says:

The reason why is that the countries that deal with ebola now will be able to fight it when it becomes a bio weapon in terrorism and general war fronts the Americans are about thirty years ahead on this and have a battle field ready cure and systems in place as well as a bio weapon version to use on enermy populations if needed not that they would ya lol the rest is classified but I can tell u you ain't seen nothing yet lol

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