First Case of Ebola in the U.S.

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirms the first case of Ebola discovered in the United States.

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Duong Phan says:

I dont give a fuck , i had obamacare already

Isaac Benitez says:


Goldensparkle58 AJ says:

I don't want to die!

imitatsiya says:

WRONG! Ebola IS an airborne virus!

LifebyAnna says:

I'm scared I'm gonna get it

freekitten-o00o says:


Alivia Martin says:

I can see it now. The human population goes lower than half of what it is now. Chaos falls upon the streets because of lack of jobs and money, while hiding people die from their own turmoils. Scientists were always studying when the WORLD would end. When in reality, it's just the human race.

Maximus Reese says:

EBOLA TV !!!!! Newest bestest unbeatable end to you tube, face tweet, and pic this packed paper outta my dirt road.

Beaugeek3 says:

Don't like the sarcasm at the end.  The CDC tells you not to eat the raw meat of monkeys or bats because this is a common occurence in some parts of Africa.  Also in some parts of Africa, they bury the dead using their bare hands.  This is why the outbreak is occuring at such an alarming rate over there.  Over here in America we have more precautions. 

gallero says:

This get's me so angry. What fuckin business did these "doctors" have in África really? You Americans should of listened to what your first president said…."don't get involved in other country's problems; and mind your own business!"

xBunnyValeriex1 says:

Oh lord sucha anoying asian to the talk! shut uuuuuupppp

This Panda says:

how does it spread? Is it through sex or a flue?

SleepyPiggyy says:

Everybody's gonna die

Nicholas blakes says:

I'm scared

Young Preachertemple says:

I am Legend … but In real life!

Abe Flores says:

SourceFed check out this article published in 2012. In the final sentence of the article It states that human testing of Ebola is supposed to be tested in humans before the end of 2014. "The researchers plan to test the safety of the treatment in humans in a phase I clinical trial set to begin before the end of 2014. [Science Tranlsational Medicine via Nature]"
Here's the link.

jacobr3jr says:

"AndrewandAhmed" what's your problem nobody deserves this disease and you are calling it on Americans in general like we did something to deserve it

botnet says:

Okay then I guess I'll use hot water and 5 different kinds of soap every day. All worth it.

Will Dickey says:

The man has died today

Jake Webb says:

Fuck I'm getting a headache

doomlord117 says:

I heard that some asshole prosicutor in liberia or whatever country wanted to charge this guy for lying on his customs form. So other than the fact that you can shove your form, you really want to prosicute the guy dieing of ebola?

PickledPixies says:

I live in the UK, so should be fine for a little longer!

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