Facepalm Friday #10: Ebola

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Donate to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative: https://www.iavi.org/how-to-help/donate-now/donate You don’t have Ebola. You don’t need to worry about it. Stop freaking out. Seriously….


maliciousbloke says:

This is the thing that annoys me about scary sounding disease
outbreaks…the lack of a sense of perspective.

Ebola is a good example. Lassa fever, another viral haemorrhagic fever
endemic to west africa, kills more people in any given year than this
current Ebola outbreak has managed and it never even gets a mention in the

Ditto the bird flu and swine flu outbreaks in previous years, they caused a
huge stir in the press while killing very few people, compared to the
“normal” flu which kills thousands every year.

Harry Ray says:

On the plus side, paranoia about the health of wealthy Westerners might
actually translate into aid to poor Africans.

Zachary Amaranth says:

I keep thinking that we need more money going to fight disease, but you’re
right. In the context of how much Ebola gets compared to other, more
dangerous and/or deadly diseases, it just pisses me off.

RevOffTheHook says:

I’m tired of hearing about it. People think their going to live forever.

thechemistryquestion says:
wolf wing says:

I think there is a bit of a fallaicy going on here with many atheists and
such, while I agree Ebola isn’t something to fear, and we shouldn’t freak
out, to compare it to other diseases is a bit of a stupid thing. If we
were to get a outbreak of the style Africa has right now in the US it be
devestating. Yes it’s harder to start, but were talking about people who
many think Vitamin C or homeopathy or faith healing will protect them from
the disease, it wouldn’t take much for one of the wrong people to get sick
and spread it just as it did in Africa due to ignorance of medicine and
shucksters selling fake cures.

I’m not scared, nor should anyone else be, but as the old saying goes, hope
for the best, plan for the worst, the WORST thing we can do is ignore it
because it has a low chance of being dangerous, or becoming something
bigger. WE shouldn’t concern ourselves, but those that have the means to
combat and work on it SHOULD. The time to deal with a disease like this is
BEFORE it becomse a pandemic if they had put the money and time into
combating it 6 or so months ago when it started it wouldn’t be this problem
in Africa.

dasdew2 says:

Yo, DAn Brock here, happy birthday.
I got you gluten free beer(Southpark refrence)

rusle says:

I do not read the American news, so I do not know the situation in USA.
I think Ebola is to serious to be ignored and should be stopped as soon as
possible while it is a rather small outbreak in Africa.
Yes it will cost a lot of money to stop it, but it will be more costly to
ignore it.

WarblesOnALot says:

Well, there’s some interesting assumptions in your assessment.
Claiming that Ebola has an R-0 of 2 sounds a bit flummery. The ONE patient
who managed to asymptomatically show up in the US then managed to infect
Two of the One Hundred Drs & Nurses who were trying to Barrier Nurse him.
In Mali, the hundreds of people who were exposed to the baby which was
taken accross the country with a nosebleed, on a Bus, after it’s parents
died of Ebola in the next country…; have commenced to die, despite
efforts to trace and isolate them.
It is regularly claimed that one can only contract Ebola from Contact with
Body Fluids…, which is in fact true in the case of say HIV and Hepatitis

In 1981 I established the Multi Resistant Staph Aureus Barrier Nursing Unit
at Repatriation General Hospital Concord, in Sydney….; so I know a thing
or three about the topic.

A major issue is that whenever the 1st case of incubating Ebola presents at
a Hospital nobody knows it’s Ebola, until they’ve infected some of the
Staff, so between 2 & 4 weeks later the Hospital begins to run out of
Caregivers…; and the ONLY way to prevent that would be to quarantine and
SORE THROAT, OR A HEADACHE, for 3 weeks or until they’ve been twice tested
negative…, and no Health Service in the world has the capacity to provide
so much barrier nursing, which is about as expensive as putting a patient
into an Intensive Care Unit.

Another not so minor point is that there is no Private Health Insurance
Cover for Ebola, just as there is no Car Insurance for Drunk Drivers, or
House Insurance to cover accidents at a Nuclear Power Plant contaminating
the Suburb ..; thus the Public Hospitals will rapidly become inundated,
meaning that patients fail to be admitted and when they go home the R-0 is
well above the “2” which applies in the Isolation Unit.

The reason why the Australian Government is doing everything it can to
prevent Australian Drs & Nurses from going to AfriKa, to help contain the
outbreak, is that the situation is apparently uncontainable ; and the idea
is to conserve the trained staff here in Oz for when the virus shows up
here in a widebody Jetload of Tourists.

Personally, I’m gradually stocking up on Immodium, Gastrolyte, & disposable
Gloves as I buy the weekly Groceries, with Maxolon, Masks and Gowns next on
the list…; so that I won’t be totally unresourced if I do have to try to
nurse my kids after the local Hospital gets snowed under, when the Virus
goes on it’s Global Tour.

In 1919 when the Spanish ‘Flu was here the Hospital was so full they had
Tents on the lawn to try to care for all the patients ; and my father who
was 10 at the time had to collect driftwood from the banks of the Park
Creek to make a fire to heat the soup which a neighbour had donated, to
feed his parents, when they were both too sick to get out of bed when the
tents on the Hospital Lawn were full to overflowing…

He got them both through it, but that ‘Flu killed more people than the
whole First World War managed to do.

Comparisons with Malaria are bullshit, too, because nobody ever bled to
death 3 weeks after taking a Nursing History while admitting a Malaria
Patient to the Ward…

The fact that until a person has a sufficient circulating Viral Load to
make them show symptoms they don’t have enough Virus to detect it with a
Blood Test is why the Global Airline Industry will take Ebola on tour ;
they will refuse to copy what the US Military is doing – making ALL their
people returning from any Ebola-Land undergo 3 weeks quarantine IN
EBOLA-LAND before allowing them to get on a ‘Plane to go ANYWHERE else in
the World.

But the World Bank and the Interational Monetary Fund have proclaimed that
Quarantine must not be implemented because that would handicap the ability
to sustain Economic Growth…

Mate, we are watching a slow motion international beaurocratic Cluster
Fuck, and by any rational assessment the Fruit Bats are winning, big time.

I wish it was different but wishing won’t make it so.

The real nightmare involves overland travellers taking the Virus to
Nigeria, which has daily flights to the United Arab Emirates ; and then
somebody they’ve had contact with going over to Dubai looking for a job as
a Hooker, Hooch Maid, Laundry Worker or Kitchen Hand at the Anti-ISIL
Military Encampments…

Which would only be eclipsed if some Aircrew from the Military Air
Transport Command on a layover in Liberia or Ivory Coast, servicing the UN
Ebola Treatment Centres, gets pissed and decides to go and poke a
prostitute who’s feeling feverish but can’t afford not to go to work ; and
then the freshly fucked flyboy scrubs up in the morning and takes their
hangover to the flightline and sets out for Ramstein, or any other US Base
which is on the Airlift Schedule…

If the WHO had have sent a 1000 bed Isolation Unit to West AfriKa 6 months
ago then maybe the Bat Eater’s Disease could have been contained…; maybe,
perhaps, possibly…?

But not now…

Try asking some of the Nurses, Kitchen Hands, Cleaners, and Laundry Workers
at your local Public Hospital how confident they would be if they had to
work with Ebola Patients presenting undiagnosed anytime in the forseeable
future, like tomorrow for example ; just as a “thought experiment”..?

Take it easy,

Ciao !

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