Epidemic “Ebola Congo 2,231 Dead 3,000 Cases” Biblical Plague

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Nar rator says:

This is 😭 sad

You Dont Know Me MOM says:

Ebola habee in the Congo and Western Africa for 20 years. The Governments if the world are trying to weed out the Rif Raf.!! Because they have the vaccines. They just don't use them.!

Skip Mitchell says:

Can we start Whit the bibel pastor I love u but I'm just saying what God likes

Skip Mitchell says:

Thas was a 2 minute of Nobile good plug

Mrs. Marks says:

Prayers for the people of Congo.
(Pastor Paul, you're gonna need to go shopping for a new wardrobe.. looks like you're sticking to your new healthier diet.. share your secrets, please! well done!)

starlite556 says:

Illuminati  (Shadow govt.)  will insist that other countries let them into their countries especially if they are muslim.

Lori Smith says:

Bill Gates is Giddy!!

Lori Smith says:


dundundun says:

Ebola= man made. Ebola vaccine has been approved for use in the US by the FDA last month….do not get it! Look at side effects of the ebola vaccine and compare it to symptoms of ebola. Same crap.

MOONShadow lelune says:

Its in them vaccines!


真剣ですか !

Merritt Johnson says:

Any Flat Earther's at your event? LOL

Merritt Johnson says:

The ebola is made in laboratories just like AIDS… and Congo is where they test the virus…….. again! Better get my vaccines with GMO cancer cells! Thanks for the Fake news agin.

Janet Lis says:

Poisonous vaccines injected into these people so they DIE. Thank bil÷l ga<tes and the eli%tes

Terriyn Jonez says:

They r intentionally killing those ppl in Africa 😖😢 its not right, but it's all greed & evil!!

Melinda Maybe says:

Thank you for the update Pastor Begley. Prayers on the way.

Margarita Pagan says:

Hi Pastor Paul praying for Peace Amen.

Alvinator Jehosephat says:

They aren't exactly the cleanest people. Doesn't really help much either when doctors and healthcare professionals are chased out of their villages with stones hurled at them because the natives think they're "witches" and "sorcerers"…

Shane the Colloidal Silver man says:

Hey guys there are 3 separate cures for Ebola. One the best cure is innate response selenium this is in peer reviewed medical literature. Two is ozone therapy no known resistance or troubles with ozone therapies Dr Robert Rowen was kicked out of Africa because they didn’t want a cheap simple therapy to cure Ebola. Three is colloidal silver is antiviral antibacterial and anti fungus, Dr Rima laubow sent cases and cases of it to Africa back when the first big outbreak occurred, they finally let some through and there was reports that 500 people recovered from the awful virus 🦠 God bless hope this helps.

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