Ep. 23: THE EBOLA ECONOMY I Morgan Spurlock

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Ep. 23: THE EBOLA ECONOMY I Morgan Spurlock

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How do pandemics impact the global economy?
A sick child. A massive outbreak in Liberia. A sudden spread to Sierra Leone and Guinea, then Senegal, then Nigeria. A nurse in Spain, a healthcare worker in Texas. The recent outbreak of Ebola is devastating but it can still be traced back to one isolated tragedy.

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TheDajamster says:

This video leaves out the fact that in China, there are no 'sick days' & workers are expected to show up no matter how bad they feel.  So there's a high possibility that someone in the early stages of contagiousness, when the vomit & diarrhea kick in,  will be working, coming into contact with goods that are then shipped all over the world.  We've seen contaminated product out of China before & I've seen no reason to believe that their standards have improved enough to contain ebola tainted items.

David Walsh says:

So what exactly is the point of this video?


Good thing Ebola is relatively easy to contain

JFluffyton says:

I wanted to make a joke about Madagascar closing down their one port and surviving, but nothings coming to me.

crashcabinet says:

The global economy as we know it is so delicate it can be affected by an number of global and sometimes just domestic issues. The earthquake in Japan is still being felt not only by Japanese and Asian markets but by the global market as a whole.

Ozy says:

Thank you for this knowledge you bestow upon us all

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